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NIMS Implementation Reporting

The NIMS Implementation Reporting Period for 2024-2025
Preparedness Grant Cycle is now OPEN!

CLICK HERE to complete the report.

For questions contact April Keeler, State Incident Management Coordinator, at (405) 227-4701.

Thank you for all your efforts in preparing your Community to Protect, Prevent, Respond to, Mitigate, and Recover from a Disaster!

The FEMA NIMS IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE for State, Local, Tribal Agencies and Jurisdictions provides additional information about the NIMS implementation and Preparedness report.

According to FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate, and NOFO Guidance, Grantees and Sub-grantees will continue to report annually on their adoption and implementation of NIMS.  The NIMS Assessment continues to be updated each year to allow users the ability to provide a more accurate reflection of NIMS implementation within their jurisdictions and to request any tools, training, or guidance that may be helpful in advancing their implementation of NIMS.

Participating sub-grantees who do not complete the annual NIMS report may be subject to NIMS monitoring prior to release of DHS Preparedness Grant funds.  

Documents required for Compliance Monitoring include:

  • Current Formal NIMS Adoption
  • Response Standard Operation Procedures / Guidelines
  • Documented Training Requirements for Employees/Volunteers
  • Emergency Operation / Mitigation Plans (School District / County / Municipality as required)
  • Emergency Resource Inventory (deployable mutual aid resources only)
  • Training Plans or Job Description identifying required ICS training.


April Keeler

State Incident Management Coordinator
(405) 227-4701

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2024