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The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) has a statutory obligation to protect the citizens of Oklahoma against acts of Cyber Terrorism.  This protection begins with every one of us practicing sound cyber security in our homes and offices. Cyber security is important in protecting our personal data, ourselves and our children.  With more and more people owning computers and using them for work, finances, and entertainment, the internet has evolved into a rich environment for unscrupulous individuals.  As owners and users of this technology, it is important to learn both its advantages and disadvantages, as we would with any other product we own.  Because the technology has advanced at such a break neck pace over the past several years, many of us have fallen behind the learning curve.  This has allowed those that would use the technology for criminal activities to flourish.  Resources are provided on this site that will help you secure your cyber space and make the use of your home computer and the internet a positive experience. 

Oklahoma Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OK-ISAC)

With the rise of cyber threats to Oklahoma, a practical approach was needed. To address that need, the Oklahoma Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OK-ISAC) was established as a multi-agency effort led and coordinated by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). The main objective of this program is to mitigate cybersecurity risks across Oklahoma by providing real-time monitoring, vulnerability identification, incident response and threat intelligence to its members and partners. OK-ISAC is committed to ensuring the State of Oklahoma and its citizens are continuously educated and prepared to conduct day-to-day cyber activities in a safe and secure manner. OK-ISAC will include members from Oklahoma organizations, business leaders, and cybersecurity professionals. The OK-ISAC will enhance information sharing across Oklahoma and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation—local, regional and national.

Our vision for the OK-ISAC is to be a trusted hub for information-sharing and analysis on cybersecurity issues in the State of Oklahoma. This will be done by promoting an environment in which OK-ISAC members can work together to address those cybersecurity issues specific to the State of Oklahoma.


  1. To reduce the risk of cyber threats to the State of Oklahoma.
  2. To reduce the overall cost of cybersecurity for all state agencies by centralizing resources and providing a mechanism for leveraging large-scale purchases.
  3. To provide centralized services with highly specialized and skilled resources.
  4. To develop a cybersecurity ecosystem through public-private partnerships involving local entities, leading technology companies and other strategic private sector partners.

OK-ISAC Services and Capabilities

  • Provide members:
    • A platform to encourage member-to-member collaboration
    • A secure online repository for sharing threat intelligence with members
    • Participation in conferences, workshops, and tabletop exercises
    • Support efforts to develop cyber workforce by partnering with Higher Education
    • Develop and maintain relationships with industry partners
    • Supports members through implementing best practices and establishing a culture of cybersecurity and compliance

To join or request access to the OK-ISAC. -

Oklahoma Civilian Cyber Corps (OKC3)

Oklahoma Cyber Command is developing the Oklahoma Civilian Cyber Corps (OKC3) The OKC3 is a response team initiative that is the first of its kind in Oklahoma. The OKC3 is a public grant funded project that integrates public and private cybersecurity experts into event-response focused teams that are capable of Identifying a cyber event, Assessing and update the consequences of a cyber event, Advising on the countermeasures of a cyber event, and Assisting with the appropriate requests for support to minimize or mitigate the impact of a cyber event.

The OKC3 initiative is currently in the recruitment phase of implementation. Selected members will be cybersecurity leaders in the public and private sector. The intent of Cyber Command is to build teams of trained volunteers with technical cybersecurity expertise, build a diverse pool of skilled cybersecurity professionals utilizing a whole community approach, and develop cyber experts into surge capable response teams.

The overall goal of OKC3 is to build multiple surge capable, rapid regional response teams that will located throughout the State of Oklahoma to bolster cyber security defense and response capabilities within our communities.

Benefits of being a part of the OKC3

  • Unique Training & Certification Opportunities
  • Cyber security boot camp
  • NIMS training opportunities
  • Unique grant funded training opportunities
  • Networking & Relationship Building Opportunities
  • Enhance professional relationships, through networking and collaboration opportunities with other IT security professionals.
  • Provides an opportunity for technically oriented professionals to perform a civic duty by aiding the State in a time of crisis.
  • Assist in raising the security culture throughout the state.

Minimum Membership Requirements of OKC3

  • Residents of the State of Oklahoma.
  • Have at least 2 years of direct involvement with information security, preferably security operations, incident response and/or digital or network forensics.
  • Pass a series of tests to demonstrate basic knowledge of networking and security concepts.
  • Provide employer support/sponsorship of the program due to the time commitment of the OKC3 member (up to 10 days/year for training and exercises)
  • Pass a background screening
  • Complete a confidential non-disclosure agreement.

For more information

Oklahoma Civilian Cyber Corp –
Oklahoma Cyber Command -
Oklahoma Cyber Command website -

CISA Ransomware Information and Toolkit

Scott Houck

Cybersecurity Coordinator
(405) 425-7285
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Last Modified on Apr 21, 2022