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Urban Search and Rescue Units (US & R)


There are two (2) Urban Search and Rescue (US & R) Units within the state. These units have similar training and equipment to the FEMA regional US&R teams, including high level rescue capabilities. Each unit includes a 42-foot trailer and tow vehicle. The equipment cache is based on the FEMA US&R requirements. Both teams have additional equipment including three quad-cab, four-wheel drive, one-ton trucks, a bobcat with attachments and a 27-foot enclosed trailer to transport the bobcat and any additional equipment. Each unit cost approximately $1,700,000 to build and equip. 


  • Heavy structural collapse
  • High angle rescue
  • Confines space rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Canine search for trapped victims 

Team Information

  • The US&R team consists of 125 members from 33 agencies in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.  
  • All team members are trained to the NFPA 1670 Structural Collapse Technician level. 
  • All team members are IFSAC-certified to the NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Operations level. 
  • Teams receive specialized training in Medical Specialist, Technical Information Specialist, Structure Specialist, Heavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist, Technical Search Specialist, Canine Search Specialist, Logistic Specialist and Communications Specialist.
Last Modified on Mar 02, 2022
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