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Frequently Asked Questions

Drill Reporting

June 1, 2020

The "old" reporting system platform is outdated and is going away. A "new" system had to be established to accommodate the reporting requirements. The questions and information have not changed, but the process is much simpler and easy to use.

Contact the OSSI Office at 405-425-7299

The new system confirmation email does not contain all the information that you submitted in the report. It only contains pertinent information and confirms that you submitted your drill report. This email is sufficient to confirm that your report was submitted properly.

After submitting your drill report, an email confirmation will be sent to two people: the Drill Reporter and the School Principal (If both emails were properly typed in). So check with the School Principal to see if they received an email. If the email cannot be located by either party contact the OSSI office at 405-425-7299.

At this time only OSSI personnel and Regional Accreditation Officers (RAOs) are allowed Admin access.

Contact the OSSI office at 405-425-7299

General Questions

OSSI services are provided at no cost. We are a state agency that is funded to support your needs.

We provide all types of assistance: - On-site Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVA) - On-site informal walk thru and consultation - Specified security related training and presentations - Provide a dedicated tip line for security related incidents

Last Modified on Mar 02, 2022
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