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Frequency Coordination (FIC)

Roles & Responsibilities

The function of Frequency Coordinator (FC) is highly technical, spectrum management, frequency coordination, and specialized licensing work performed in the recommendation of available frequencies, and the acquisition, maintenance, and renewal of various Federal Communications Commission (FCC) radio station licenses. The FC works with the FCC and the APCO and other frequency coordination bodies in the assignment of frequencies to those agencies eligible to hold radio station licenses in the Public Safety radio services. This also includes working closely with Federal, State, county, municipal, and tribal agencies, as well as vendors and private communications firms engaged in the sales, maintenance, and installation of communications systems, as well as professional groups such as the Statewide Interoperability Governing Body (SIGB) and Region 34 700/800 MHz Regional Planning Committee (RPC). In addition, this position is involved in communications projects around the State.

Participates in the public-safety radio station regulatory processes, particularly public-safety regional frequency planning commissions, and National Public-Safety Communications Telecommunications Council (NPSTC).

  • Assists State, local, tribal, and quasi-governmental agencies in the recommendation, selection, licensing and coordination of radio frequencies for operation of their existing or planned public-safety communications systems using specific guidelines established by the FCC and delegated to APCO (and others), encompassing highly technical, specialized study of the frequency, power, antenna height, directional characteristics, and other engineering considerations as well as collaboration with peers and colleagues, both internal and external to OKOHS and the State.
  • Secures and maintain radio station licenses for OKOHS and other State agencies. Researches and monitors availability of frequencies in the interest of OKOHS, particularly in the VHF high band, and will assist in acquisition of additional channels throughout the available spectrum when practical.
  • Interprets FCC rulings and their impact to OKOHS and Oklahoma public safety users.
  • Participates in planning for next-generation communications and technology integration; works with vendors on equipment specifications.
  • Actively works on State communications projects for communications development.
  • Participates in bid processes and represents OKOHS in meetings regarding communications.
  • Serves as APCO’s primary Local Frequency Advisor for Oklahoma and assists other agencies with communications inquiries as requested.
  • Serves as Secretary of the Region 34 700/800 MHz RPC.
  • Stays abreast of changes in profession as they occur. Performs other related work as assigned.
Last Modified on Mar 22, 2022
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