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Protective Health Services

Detention Facility Inspections, Investigations, Complaints and more.

Licensing/Inspections, Food Service, Tattoos, Pools, X-Rays, Hotels, Hearing Aids, Genetic Counselors, Sanitarians & Bedding, Options for Safe Food Donation and Licensed Midwifes Program.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -  EMT education, licensure and registration. Trauma Systems Development - Statutes and Regulations, Quality Improvement, Regional Trauma Advisory Boards.

Working to reduce healthcare associated infections (CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, MDROs) across healthcare settings in Oklahoma.

Adult Day Care Licensure, Continuum of Care & Assisted Living Act, Directory of Long Term Care Facilities, Managed Care and more.

Residential Care Homes, Licensure and Certification, Nursing facility, Assisted Living Centers and more.

Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and more.

Healthy Aging : Living Longer Better, Minimum Data Set (MDS), Outcome And Assessment Information Set, Nursing Home Scorecard and more.

2022 Protective Health Services (PHS) Annual Review

2022 Protective Health Services (PHS) Annual Review
Quick reference booklet for the Public Health Services of the Oklahoma State Department of Health

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