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Applying for a License

Plan Review Applications

Prior to initial licensure, plans and specifications must be submitted for review. All applications and fees (if determined necessary) shall be submitted to the county health department where the physical location of the establishment exists.

In some instances of ownership change, where no remodel or changes in the establishment or operation are made, a plan review may not be necessary. Please contact the local inspector in the county were the physical location of the establishment exists. Emails may be sent to

Consult our Food Establishment Construction Guidance document if you're unsure of the requirements.

All initial license applications are issued by the local county inspector. If, upon initial license inspection, the establishment is in compliance with the laws and rules, the local inspector will issue an initial license application. The license application must be mailed within four (4) days of approval to the address listed on the application along with the appropriate licensing fee

During the time of the application processing, the establishment may continue to operate as long as a copy of the initial application is kept onsite. The official license will be mailed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the application and fee. If the license is not received, you may contact your local county inspector or email

As a courtesy, the Department will mail out renewal notices at least 30 days prior to expiration to the last mailing address provided by the licensee. It is still the licensee’s responsibility to submit payment on or before the expiration date to continue operating as a food establishment. If the renewal notice is not received, a copy of the most recent license may be mailed in with the renewal fee.

It is not recommended to just mail in a check; always send an additional attachment that includes the exact licensee name, address of establishment, and if available, the license number. This will help to ensure the payment is applied swiftly and accurately to the correct account.

If you still require an invoice and did not receive it in the mail, you may contact to request another renewal notice.

Per OAC 310:257-15-21, licenses are not transferrable. 

A license may not be transferred from one person to another person, from one food establishment to another, from one physical address to another, from one corporation to another, from one limited liability company or corporation to another, from one partnership to another or from one type of operation to another if the food operation changes from the type of operation specified in the application under OAC 310:257-15-15(3) and the change in operation is not approved.

Any change or move requires a new license be issued. In some instances, the plan review application fee may not be required. Contact your local county inspector to start the transfer process and determine if a plan review will be required.

Fee exempt food establishments are non-profit, civic, charitable, or religious organizations that utilize non-paid persons. New establishments still must submit a plan review application and fee but the license issued shall be a fee exempt license which shall not expire but shall remain in full force and effect until revoked, suspended, annulled, or withdrawn by the Commissioner.

Organizations with a fee exempt food license will receive renewal notices to ensure the organization is still in operation and to verify correct information. There is no fee required.

For food establishments that have a classification of a 501c type organization; a food application and license is required. Depending on the circumstances, the fee may be different. See below in the Food Establishment Fees section for the different fee schedule.

Fees for this program are outlined in OAC 310:250 Consumer Health Service Fee Schedule.

To ensure correct payment, you may contact your local county health inspector.

Note: If a license is not paid, it is the operator’s responsibility to cease food operations until a valid license is obtained.

If an inspection is needed, contact the local county inspector where the establishment is physically located. 

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