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Immunization Service

Immunization Service, an Oklahoma State Department of Health Prevention and Preparedness Services program, provides Oklahomans with reliable information and resources to make decisions about vaccines. Immunization Service prevents diseases by promoting vaccination for all Oklahomans.

  • Providing vaccines through county health departments;
  • Operating the Vaccines for Children Program in Oklahoma;
  • Operating and maintaining the Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS).
  • Providing immunization information to the public and health care professionals;
  • Supporting schools and childcare facilities in enforcement of the immunization laws.

Immunization Service: What We Do

  • Answer questions about vaccines and the diseases they prevent
  • Coordinate the purchase and distribution of vaccines to over 800 public and private clinics enrolled in the Vaccines for Children Program statewide
  • Monitor immunization compliance in childcare facilities and schools as required by state law
  • Conduct quality assurance monitoring visits to all Vaccines for Children clinics in Oklahoma to ensure the vaccine is accounted for and stored and administered properly
  • Provide immunization consultation and training to immunization providers, schools, and childcare facilities throughout Oklahoma
  • Work with other state agencies such as the Department of Human Services (DHS), the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and the Department of Education to raise awareness about the value of immunizations and help to increase immunization levels among Oklahomans.

Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS)

A statewide immunization registry operated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Vaccines for Children

The Vaccines For Children (VFC) program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. 

Kindergarten Immunization Survey GIS Map

A collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education and schools throughout the state to assess vaccination coverage and exemption status of children enrolled in public and private kindergarten programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your primary care physician. If you don't have a doctor, you can call your local county health department.

Vaccinations can save your child's life by protecting against preventable diseases. Vaccinations protect the people you care about by reducing the spread of preventable diseases. Vaccinations can save your family time and money.

Contact Information

Mailing Address
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Immunization Service
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Suite 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Physical Location
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 426-8580
Fax: (405) 900-7612