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Medical Micropigmentation Certification Program

Medical micropigmentation is a form of permanent cosmetics and requires a medical procedure in which any color or pigment is applied with a needle or electronic machine. The law authorizing medical micropigmentation does not include tattooing; thus, medical micropigmentation does not involve placing on the body any pictures, images, numbers, signs, letters of the alphabet or designs.

Medical Micropigmentation may only be performed in a physician’s office by an individual who holds a current Oklahoma certificate issued by the State Commissioner of Health pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation Regulation Act while working under the supervision of a physician. The level of supervision shall be determined by the physician.

Trained in Oklahoma

Before submitting an application for certification, you must first successfully complete an approved Medical Micropigmentation training program. Please review and locate the approved training programs in the State of Oklahoma.

Upon successful completion of the training program, submit the following documentation:

  • Complete Medical Micropigmentation Application
  • Appropriate Application and Background Check Fees
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  • Documentation of High School completion or equivalent
  • Notarized copy of Birth Certificate
  • Notarized copy of Driver’s License or other government issued photo ID
  • Proof of successful completion of an OSDH-approved medical micropigmentation training program (form completed by the training program/instructor)

*If you are not currently working and do not have a supervising physician at this time, you may still proceed in the application process.

Staff will review the application and issue an approved testing letter once everything is complete (excluding supervising physician information if it is not available at that time).

The Department will make every attempt to send a renewal notification to your last known email or mailing address at least one month prior to your expiration date. Once the notification is received you need to:

If you do NOT receive a renewal notification, it is still your responsibility to submit your renewal application and fee before expiration. You may either:

  • Use the initial application form located on our website and submit the renewal fee OR
  • You may contact our office for another renewal notification

If you do not renew your certification before the expiration, you may NOT conduct medical micropigmentation procedures until your license is renewed by the Department.

If you submit your renewal 30 days after the expiration, you must reinstate your certification.

If you submit your renewal application more than 30 days after expiration, you must submit the following:

You may not practice medical micropigmentation until your certification has been reinstated by the Department.

O.A.C. 310:234-3-4(e)(2) states: "A passing score of 70% shall be required to show competency. A candidate who does not meet this score can retest up to two (2) times. Candidates who do not pass the written certification examination must wait at least seven (7) days before retesting. Candidates who are unable to attain competency after three attempts shall be required to re-enroll in the medical micropigmentation training program."

Description for the Consumer Protection Licensing Advisory Counil will go here.

Fees are to be paid at time of the relevant application submission.

  • $500.00 Initial Application for Certification Fee
  • $15.00 Background Check Fee
  • $100.00 Annual Renewal of Certification Fee
  • $375.00 Reinstatement of Certification Fee
  • $125.00 Replacement of Certificate Fee

In addition to the initial application fee, the applicant shall be responsible for the cost of examination or re-examination and background checks relating to licensing or certification. Exam fees are payable directly to the exam location. For exam fee information, please review our Training Programs, Exams and Instructors page.

*It is unlawful to perform Medical Micropigmentation without a current license. There is a thirty (30) day grace period for license renewals before a reinstatement of certification is necessary. However, the grace period only applies to the renewal fee; it does not permit a Medical Micropigmentologist to practice with an expired license. 

If personal information or employment and supervising physician information needs to be updated, please fill out the Licensee Change of Information Form and submit to:

Oklahoma State Department of Health
Consumer Health Service
P.O. Box 268815
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8815

For multiple supervising physician changes, you may use the Supervising Physician Change form and submit via any of the methods listed below.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Consumer Health Service
P.O. Box 268815                  
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8815

Physical Location:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 426-8250
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