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Position Specific Training

The primary goal of the NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific Training Program is to provide additional training that may be needed by personnel responsible for managing incidents of greater complexity than those typically encountered during routine operations.

This training is designed to provide all-hazards competencies and behaviors for command, general staff and selected unit leader positions within a Type III or IV Incident Management Team (IMT) environment. Competencies in the training are focused around the ability of the student to assume specific position responsibilities, lead assigned personnel, communicate effectively, and to ensure the completion of assigned tasks in order to meet identified objectives for the position.

All-Hazards Position Specific training should be completed by personnel who are currently members of Type III or Type IV IMT’s, or by those persons seeking credentials or certification for ICS command, general staff, or unit leader positions.  Personal qualifications to serve as members of Type III or IV IMT’s are designed to consider a combination of training, operational experience during exercises or actual incidents, job shadowing or field mentoring, and administrative requirements.

Please check our Training Calendar for course offerings.

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Contact Information

April Keeler

State Incident Management Coordinator
(405) 227-4701

Frank Barnes

Incident Management Specialist
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Last Modified on Feb 08, 2024
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