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Active Threat Response Training

Program Purpose

OKOHS Law Enforcement Programs provides training in active threat response to law enforcement, fire, EMS and civilian personnel.  The potential of active threats is a reality in today’s society, training for theses possible situations citizens can be better prepared to meet the challenges and successfully respond to a situation. The programs consist of a mix of lecture and skills-based training where participants are exposed to a hands on realistic training environment.  OKOHS is in partnership with NCBRT (National Center for Bio Medical Research and Training) Academy of Counter Terrorist Education based at LSU (Louisiana State University).  LSU is one of five universities in the U.S. that received federal grant funding from FEMA to provide training to responders.  OKOHS is also in partnership with the national “Stop the Bleed” program and provides limited medical intervention course for civilians.OKOHS Training is grant funded and provided at no cost to the participants.  The goal is to provide inclusive community-based training throughout the State of Oklahoma.  

Courses Offered

LASER (Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response) a two-day program combining lecture and skills-based training, including tactics, emergency breaching, weapons manipulation, medical intervention and room management.  This course is limited to commissioned law enforcement personnel.

LEFR and LEFR Refresher (Law Enforcement First Responder) an eight-hour basic program combining lecture and skills training personnel in the use of wound packing, tourniquets, patient assessment and air way management.  The Refresher program is a four-hour skills-based program with limited lecture to reinforce skills learned in the LEFR Class.

First on Scene a fire/EMS personnel centric program providing training in tourniquets, wound packing, air way management.

ATIRC (Active Threat Integrated Response Course) A three-day program of interdisciplinary Training for law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel. Lecture and discipline specific skills are practices culminating in a day long multi scenario training from the initial incident to patient evacuation.

SPOT (Site Protection through Observational Techniques) Training for law enforcement, security and civilian personnel to identify suspicious objects, substances and personnel in order to prevent a potential threat. This course is seven hours but can be customized to the time allowed.

Run, Hide Fight the National standard for response to an active threat, participants learn to run or evacuate if possible, Hide or best practices to shelter in place and ultimately to fight if no other options. This is a four-hour program including hands on scenario training but can be customized for the time allowed.

Stop the Bleed  A national program training participants in bleeding control through lecture and skills based training, participants learn the importance of taking immediate action and utilizing direct pressure, tourniquets and wound packing.


Last Modified on Dec 19, 2023
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