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New Programs

How do I Start a New STEM Program?

  • Review Administrative Guide to become familiar with STEM
  • Complete Form 2
  • We will visit your school to answer questions about beginning a STEM Program
  • Form 2 would be signed and approved by division manager

Student Benefits

  • Courses lead to college or national certification
  • Oklahoma’s Promise credit for science, math and computer technology
  • Increased opportunity for employment and greater earning potential in chosen occupation
  • Job skills to help defray cost of college
  • Pathways to guide students into college or work
  • Internship opportunities
  • Training to become life-long learners
  • Local, state, and national leadership development through Technology Student Association (TSA)
  • TSA scholarship awarded to student members annually

Teacher Benefits

  • $2,200 salary supplement for full-time funded programs
  • Conferences and workshops for technical updates/program improvements
  • Technical training for new and upcoming occupations
  • Assistance and resources available from state staff
  • New teacher training and support
  • Free access to Moodle-powered classroom/learning management system
  • Scholarships available for teacher certification o ACTE (Association of Career and Technical Education) professional organization offering support for areas such as: life insurance options; legal representation and advice; leadership development; resources; political representation on key educational issues

School Responsibilities

  • Offer programs/courses that meet state guidelines (See Course Description Guide)
  • STEM Courses must be transcripted and reported to SDE with the approved 8000 level course number and title
  • Follow prerequisite requirements for class offerings
  • Facility must meet program needs
  • Equipment must meet industry standards
  • Class enrollment should not exceed 24
  • Each student must have their own individual workstation with necessary software installed
  • Courses are available for students from grades 5th – 12th
  • Submit a Form 2 for any CareerTech program changes (add, change building or drop a program).
  • Teacher Changes notify the STEM Division Kyla Trammell 405.743.6817 or
  • Program assistance monies designated for computers/equipment (including supplies), software, and curriculum. Professional development approved for instructor only.
    • Items purchased must be located in instructor’s classroom/lab, not placed in the school’s common area or another classroom.
    • Instructor should control/monitor expenditures

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Certification based on STEM course (select OCAS Code Approval Certification 20xx - 20xx)
  • Contact Laurie Richison or 405-743-5482
  • CareerTech Certification
  • Offer state-approved courses and provide students with approved syllabi
  • Conduct at least one Advisory Committee meeting per year
  • Submit CareerTech reports by due date
  • Complete Follow up Report on students in program
  • Attend Oklahoma Summit Conference yearly
  • Seek professional development that aligns with courses taught
  • Work with local technology center to align curriculum and provide occupational outcomes for students
  • Prepare for 5-year accreditation (TC) or evaluation of program (grades 5-12) as scheduled
  • Advise and maintain an active TSA chapter
  • Attend TSA Fall and State Leadership Conferences yearly. Students should compete at the state level.
  • TSA Program of Work (turned in annually)
  • Chapter Success Guide
Last Modified on Nov 05, 2021
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