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Welcome to CareerTech

For more than 100 years, Oklahoma CareerTech has been connecting students and businesses with training opportunities that help Oklahomans find rewarding careers and support Oklahoma industries. Our goal is to develop a world-class workforce for Oklahoma employers and prepare Oklahomans to succeed in the workplace, in education and in life.

  • 29 tech centers operating on 60 campuses 
  • 397 PK-12 school districts 
  • 16 Skills Centers campuses 
  • 32 Adult Education and Family Literacy providers at 116 sites
  • 489,635 total CareerTech enrollments in FY23
  • 8,764 companies served by CareerTech in FY23 (Note: Number of businesses served is duplicated in some categories.)

The State Director provides information about events, new initiatives and issues affecting Oklahomans and the CareerTech System.

We provide quality, competency-based, industry-endorsed instructional products and services for educators in all 50 states and around the world.

Want to learn how CareerTech delivers? Watch and find out. Visit our videos page to find a complete list of all CareerTech videos.

CareerTech Success Stories: Clayton Smith

Industry Panel Discussions

Learn more about Oklahoma industries and view recordings of industry panel discussions from CareerTech.

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CareerTech Conversations

Welcome to CareerTech Conversations, a video podcast series featuring discussions on the many ways Oklahoma CareerTech is breaking down silos in education and giving students of all ages the skills they need to enter the workforce and make informed career choices. You’ll get answers to common questions, details on CareerTech programs and activities and a look at what’s ahead. Here is the most recent episode, but you can explore previous episodes of CareerTech Conversations on our YouTube channel.


CareerTech News

Welcome to CareerTech News, a biweekly newscast featuring CareerTech news and events from across the state. You can find earlier episodes of CareerTech News on Oklahoma CareerTech's YouTube channel.


Last Modified on Jul 08, 2024
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