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Welcome to CareerTech Conversations, a video podcast series featuring discussions on the many ways Oklahoma CareerTech is breaking down silos in education and giving students of all ages the skills they need to enter the workforce and make informed career choices. You’ll get answers to common questions, details on CareerTech programs and activities and a look at what’s ahead. Here is the most recent episode, but you can explore previous episodes of CareerTech Conversations on our YouTube channel.

CareerTech Conversations - Carter Merkle

We sat down with Carter Merkle, program manager at OkPTAC (Oklahoma Procurement Technical Assistance Center) to learn how this facet of CareerTech assists our state's businesses with government contracts and bidding through avenues ranging from one-on-one coaching to an annual conference.

CareerTech Conversations - Dr. Lee Denney

Interim State Director Dr. Lee Denney sat down with Russell Ray to tell us about her unique role at the agency and the state of the CareerTech system.

Last Modified on Jul 25, 2022
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