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CareerTech Champion nomination process

Goal: To strategically market the CareerTech system by highlighting success stories.

CareerTech Champions are individuals or businesses who:

  • Have found success in a career and/or the business world
  • Attribute much of that success to their experience in Oklahoma’s CareerTech system, either through training or a CareerTech student organization.

If selected, Champions:

  • Must be willing to answer a few questions by email or phone about their experiences.
  • Must sign a release allowing the Agency to use their image and/or story in communications.
  • Are entered in the Champion database that includes their story and photo.
  • May be included as a story for a press release.
  • Receive a link to their story on the CareerTech website.
  • Will provide a high resolution photo, or work with Communications and Marketing to have one taken.

Because it would be easy to fill our database with stories from just one or two programs and/or campuses, some key elements in the selection process are:

  • Is the story compelling or unique
  • Does the story illustrate the importance of CareerTech education/training or the student organization in the success of the student/client?
  • Has enough information about the Champion been submitted for consideration? Check out other Champion stories to see the format we use:
  • How will the story add to the overall equity and balance of the site?

To nominate an individual or business, download the nomination form below and save it to your computer. Attach the completed form to an email addressed to:

NOTE: Please take care not to build expectations in the individuals you are nominating. Because of the strategic criteria for the Champions selection process (as well as limited staff available to produce Champion stories), the number of Champion stories created is limited.

Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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