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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM has a critical role in growing a talent pipeline of students for careers in Oklahoma.

Strategic Planning is a key function of a team that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, ensure everyone is working towards common goals and objects. STEM’s mission, vision and goals that align to the agencies.

STEM Programs

STEM programs include BioMed, BioTech, Pre-Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science.

Resources for STEM Educators

Find resources including Reports, Forms, Focus Field of Study, Job Openings, Awards, Important Dates and more.

Technology Student Association

TSA is an organization dedicated to promoting STEM and leadership through competitions for every student.


New Programs, 412 Incentive, Federal Legislative Assistance, Perkins, Perkins LEA and more.

Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP)

The Plan guides individuals through coursework and activities for achieving personal career goals.

Grants & Scholarships

Grant Informmation including Lottery, 412, Perkins and more

Rules for Career and Technology Education

Last Modified on Dec 21, 2021
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