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Tuition Scholarships

Technology Center Tuition Scholarship Information

Autry Technology Center - Autry Scholarship - Students may attend during any or all three years immediately following high school graduation if you live in the Autry Tech district, lived in the Autry Tech district their senior year of high school and meet enrollment guidelines. This scholarship only covers tuition for full-time programs. Students are responsible for the cost of books, supplies and any additional charges. Scholarship eligibility will be reviewed each semester.

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center - CKTC Scholarship - In-the-district high school graduates from CKTC partner schools or in-the-district High School Equivalency Certificate recipients who received their certificate within the district can receive up to a $2500 scholarship towards tuition for the completion of one career major in a full-time program at CKTC. Students can use the scholarship until their 22nd birthday. All students who meet the eligibility requirements receive scholarships.  The student will be responsible for the cost of instructional supplies.

Canadian Valley - The Next Step Scholarship is designed for individuals under age 24 who have a high school diploma or GED and are living in one of of our partner-school districts. A scholarship recipient who turns 24 during the academic year will be able to finish the remainder of that academic year tuition-free. For all subsequent career programs and classes, the student will be required to pay tuition. The student will still be able to apply for financial aid or a foundation scholarship. Currently enrolled high school students will also be eligible to use a Next Step Scholarship for short-term classes offered through the Adult Career and Community Development department. These students attend with no tuition or course fees. Books and supplies still apply.

Central Technology Center - CHOICES Tuition Scholarship - Students who have graduated from a public, private, home, or charter high school in the Central Tech district may be eligible for the Choices Tuition Scholarship. Central Tech may waive an amount up to, but not to exceed the cost of, 1050 hours of tuition calculated at the current full-time rate. This scholarship may apply to full-time, ACD or TDT tuition for eligible students. To be eligible students must: Currently, reside in the Central Tech district, be a graduate of a public, private, charter or home school within the Central Tech District, begin class within 30 months of High School graduation, be enrolled in a program greater than 40 hours in length or an ACD Career Track program whose total length is greater than 40 hours, demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in the chosen program and provide a copy of their high school transcript.

Chisholm Trail Technology Center The 13th Year Scholarship - The purpose of the 13th year scholarship is to provide assistance with tuition for in-district students who graduate from a high school in the CTTC school district. Eligible graduates have one (1) year following the date of their high school graduation to make the application. Students must have attended CTTC prior to graduation and be completing the program in which they started. Enrolling in a new program would make the student ineligible for the 13th year Scholarship. For application or questions, please visit with the financial aid officer. 

Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center - Next Step Scholarship- Get the job preparation you missed while you were in high school. Take this opportunity to enroll in a course at EOC Tech – tuition-free for high school students during the academic year immediately following graduation. You may enroll at the beginning of each semester, as space permits. Students may attend EOC Tech’s daytime programs full-time or part-time. In addition to tuition, some programs might require additional costs for tools, lab supplies or career-specific clothing.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Next Step Tuition Scholarship - Apply through the Financial Aid Office. To qualify, students must have a diploma from one of Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s partner schools, or have lived within the Francis Tuttle Technology Center school district upon high school graduation. Applicants must begin their first Career Training program before their twenty-first birthday to qualify.

Gordon Cooper Technology Center - Gordon Cooper Scholarship- The GCTC Post-Secondary Student Scholarship is for students in the GCTC district who have graduated high school and plan to enroll in a GCTC program. Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible: Attended a public or private high school while living within the GCTC district OR were home-schooled while living in the GCTC district AND begin attendance prior to their 21st birthday.

Great Plains Technology Center
Dr. George Bridges Next Step Scholarship
If you graduated from a high school in the Great Plains Technology Center district within the past two years, you may qualify for a Next Step Scholarship. The $2100 scholarships are available to encourage students to continue or begin their career training after high school graduation.

Green Country Technology Center Senior Scholarship - Requirements: Must have attended GCTC senior year ONLY, must reside in the GCTC district, must agree to acquire the scholarship the year immediately following high school graduation, maximum benefit is 525 hours at the in-district rate.

High Plains Technology Center - High Plains Next Step Scholarship - High school graduates from HPTC sending schools who live in the district can receive 1050 hours tuition-free hours. The tuition scholarship is available for four years immediately following the students high school graduation. In addition to graduating from a HPTC sending school, the student must not have previously completed their 1050 hours of tuition free training while in high school. All students who meet the eligibility requirements are eligible.

Indian Capital Technology Center - Senior Scholarship - Any participating school junior, senior or immediate graduate who resides in the Indian Capital district will be eligible for one (1) tuition free program.  This tuition free program may be used during their junior and senior year or through the year following their high school graduation.  The maximum benefit is a tuition scholarship up to 1,050 hours at the in-student rate for regular full-time career majors.  See the ICTC Campus Counselor for more details.

Kiamichi Technology Center - Steps to Success Tuition Scholarship - High school seniors graduating within the last two years may qualify for a grant that will cover the cost of tuition and limited to 1 career major, up to 1050 hours of training in a full-time program or 1 short-term program which leads to an industry certification.  Applicants must reside in the Kiamichi Tech district and complete one of the following: 1) Graduation from an in-district partner school. 2) Completion of secondary education in a home school setting. 3) Completion of a high school equivalency credential (HISET or GED).  See a Kiamichi Tech counselor for required documents and details.

Meridian Technology Center The Next Step Tuition Scholarship - provides assistance for recent graduates from one of Meridian’s district high schools. Applicants must: Apply within two years of high school graduation, provide a $100 deposit, written statement of career plans/goals, two letters of reference, final high school transcript and proof of residence, meet all Meridian Technology Center enrollment requirements.

Metro Technology Center - 13th Year Scholarship - When you graduate from high school, you will be given a tuition scholarship to complete your occupational training for up to 600 additional hours of tuition-free training. As an adult student, you may participate in the class for half-days (3 hours a day) for one school year, or full-days (6 hours a day) for one semester. You can finish sooner. Since we are competency-based, you also have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and move on a fast-track to employment.

Mid-America Technology Center - Next-Step Scholarship - In-district secondary and post-secondary adult students under the age of 22 years old will be awarded the Next-Step Scholarship, which covers tuition in all programs with the exception of the Practical Nursing Program.

Mid-Del Technology Center - Next-Step Scholarship - The Next Step Tuition Scholarship is designed to assist students who begin a program as a high school Senior and are returning to complete the hours needed to finish the program as an adult. Students are required to apply for financial aid at as part of the application process. Students can apply for this tuition scholarship through the MDTC Career Advisor.

Moore Norman Technology Center - MNTC Tuition Scholarship- Must be or have: High school graduates or equivalent recipients, a resident of the MNTC school district, acceptance into a MNTC Career Program, a student begins class prior to their 21st birthday, and a student attending MNTC while in high school must have had at least a “B” as their final semester grade while attending MNTC and stayed within MNTC's attendance policy.

Northeast Technology Center - 13th Year Tuition Scholarship - This tuition scholarship is only valid during the year following high school graduation. Eligible students should complete the 13th Year Tuition Scholarship application and submit it to your high school principal or counselor for completion. This application is not complete without a principal's or counselor's signature. The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition for a maximum of 1050 hours of instruction. A $75 supply fee does apply. 

Northwest Technology Center - Northwest Tech Tuition Scholarship - The NW Tech Tuition Scholarship allows 75% of tuition costs to be waived for eligible students.  The student will be responsible for program fees as well as the remaining amount of tuition. In order to be eligible for the tuition scholarship, adult students must either currently reside in the NWTC district OR have graduated from an in-district high school or have successfully completed a high school equivalency diploma, while residing in the NWTC district. The NW Tech Tuition Scholarship can be used within 3 school years from the time of high school graduation or receiving the high school equivalency diploma.  The student may choose to attend NWTC half-time or full-time within the 3 school year timeframe.  The NW Tech Tuition Scholarship can be used towards tuition for one Career Option within a daytime Career Program.  Scholarship awards will vary depending upon the length of the Career Option chosen by the student. There is no dollar amount tied to this tuition scholarship.  Recipients of the NW Tech Tuition Scholarship are required to maintain a minimum grade of C (2.0 GPA) and minimum attendance of 90%.  To be considered for this award, an application for the NW Tech Tuition Scholarship must be completed along with an application for enrollment and an official high school transcript or copy of high school equivalency diploma.  Students who receive a tuition scholarship will still be able to apply for other financial aid.

Pioneer Technology Center - 13th Year Tuition Scholarship - Complete the PTC training program started as a high school student by obtaining one of the school's 13th Year Tuition Scholarships. Available on a limited basis to high school graduates within the PTC district. No deadline to apply.

Pontotoc Technology Center - Career Tech Scholarship- The Career Tech Scholarship is for full time students attending six hours a day, the scholarship value is the cost of tuition for the career major for which you are applying. For a student attending three hours a day (half-time) the value of the scholarship is one-half the full time amount. Requirements are as follows: Applicants must apply within the first or second year after graduating high school. Complete an application for admission to PTC. Provide evidence of good attendance while in high school. Provide a copy of your final high school transcript with a  2.5 + GPA. Write a brief essay about your career plans. Fulfill all other PTC admission requirements.

Red River Technology Center - Rodney J. Love Next Step Scholarship - Anyone who meets the following criteria: • Attend a full-time program • Have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma - AND • Be within two years of high school graduation - OR - • Be actively pursuing* an alternative diploma and be within two years of when your graduating class finished high school - OR - • Live in the RRTC School District and have a certificate of eligibility for Veteran’s Benefits.

Southern Technology Center - Accelerating Independence Tuition Scholarship - This scholarship covers 100% of tuition for students, through the age of 24, who meet the qualifications and do not have any other funds available to meet tuition costs. Applicants must first complete the FAFSA application. Only fully completed applications with all required supporting documents will be accepted and considered.

Southwest Technology Center - Next-Next Scholarship - Next Experience in Training (NEXT) Scholarship for full-time programs. The NEXT Scholarship covers up to 1000 hours of tuition for students who meet the qualifications and start the program prior to their 21st birthday. Applicants must have been awarded a high school diploma from any in-district, public, home-school and maintained a 2.5 GPA. (Transcript required for application.). Or documentation of successfully completing the high school equivalency exam. Applicants must have completed the FAFSA application identifying SWTC school code 030087 and start the program before their 21st birthday.

Tri County Technology Center -  NextStep Scholarship NOT Available. However, there is more information about the Tri-County Foundation scholarship here

Tulsa Technology Center - Accelerating Independence Scholarship -  Tulsa Tech offers you the opportunity to attend tuition free with the Accelerating Independence Scholarship. This GAP scholarship is available to students through the age of 23 who have graduated from any of our in-district public, private, parochial, charter, or home-schools. Applicants must have a GED certificate or a high school transcript and complete the FAFSA.

Wes Watkins Technology Center - Wes Watkins Technology Center Tuition Fee  Scholarship - In-district high school graduates from a WWTC partner school or students who received their high school equivalency diploma while in-district can receive up to a $2,500 scholarship towards tuition for the completion of one career option in a full-time program. Students can use the scholarship until their 22nd birthday. All students who meet the eligibility requirements receive the scholarship. The student will be responsible for the cost of instructional supplies and fees.

Western Technology Center - Western Technology Center Senior Completion Scholarship - This scholarship provides tuition-free training in accredited programs that were started the student’s senior year of high school for two consecutive semesters.  It only applies to the program that the student has already started and is available for the school year immediately following high school graduation from one of WTC’s in-district schools.  The student will be responsible for the cost of instructional supplies and fees.  Class must begin in August following graduation, with consideration of military service.  For further information concerning the scholarship requirements and application information contact Karla Wedel, Guidance Counselor, Western Technology Center,, 580-562-3181 ext. 280.

Last Modified on Oct 26, 2023