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Trade Areas

A listing of trade areas offered within the Skills Centers.

                                         Skills Centers Trade Areas
                          Course Title                     Location
AST - Engine Performance Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
AST - Engine Performance, Suspension, Steering and Brakes
Tecumseh - COJC Juvenile Ctr
AST - Suspension, Steering and Brakes Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
AST - Transmission Repair Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
Basic Manufacturing McAlester - Jackie Brannon CC
Building Ground Maintenance Enid - Community Corrections
Cabinetmaking Lexington - LARC
Career Readiness Alva - Bill Johnson CC
Career Readiness Atoka - Howard McLeod CC
Career Readiness Boley - John H. Lilley CC
Career Readiness Granite - Oklahoma State Reformatory
Career Readiness Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
Career Readiness Taft - Jess Dunn CC
Career Readiness Vinita - NE Oklahoma CC
Career Readiness/Life Skills Taft - Dr. Eddie Warrior CC
Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Taft - Jess Dunn CC
Commercial Framing and Construction Technology Alva - Bill Johnson CC
Construction Technology Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
Construction Technology McAlester - Jackie Brannon CC
Construction Technology Norman - Thunder Ridge CC
Electrical Trades Technology Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
HVAC Taft - Jess Dunn CC
Licensed Trades Lexington - Joseph Harp CC
Licensed Trades McLoud - Mabel Bassett CC
Pet Services Mustang - Mustang Juvenile Ctr
Precision Machining Technology Atoka - Howard McLeod CC
STEM Norman - Scissortail Landing Juvenile Ctr
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics    Granite - Oklahoma State Reformatory
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Taft - Dr. Eddie Warrior CC
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics    Vinita - NE Oklahoma CC
Welding/Fabrication Atoka - Howard McLeod CC
Welding/Fabrication Granite - Oklahoma State Reformatory
Welding/Fabrication Hodgen - Jim E. Hamilton CC
Welding/Fabrication Lexington - Joseph Harp CC
Welding/Fabrication Vinita - NE Oklahoma CC
Last Modified on Mar 09, 2023
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