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CareerTech Skills Centers

The CareerTech Skills Centers School System is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Skills Centers specialize in the delivery of career and technology education to inmates under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and juveniles under the supervision of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs. The Skills Centers division is also responsible for the state's secondary dropout recovery initiatives.

CTSC is securing Oklahoma's future by developing a world-class workforce.

CTSC prepares Oklahomans to succeed in the workplace, in education and in life.

The CareerTech Skills Center school system is a multi-campus entity that is operated by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education in Stillwater, Oklahoma. CTSC was originally established in 1971 at Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center in Hodgen, Oklahoma, in LeFlore County that specializes in providing career and technology training to inmates currently under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC). In 1996, CTSC entered into an agreement with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs to provide training to juvenile offenders.

CTSC campuses encompass the entire state of Oklahoma, and serve an average of 2,071 students annually with full-time programs and short-term training at 15 sites housed within DOC facilities. CTSC provides oversight for the state's secondary Dropout Recovery programs.

CTSC is a unique educational establishment known for delivering quality training. The CareerTech division promotes and enhances Oklahoma’s workforce, as well as consistently providing a return on investment for Oklahoma taxpayers. Serving incarcerated inmates in Oklahoma for 50 years, CTSC has evolved from a division with only a few occupational training programs to a large school system with a multitude of programs and services for both adult and juvenile offenders.

State Administration
Justin LockwoodSkills Centers Superintendent

Renae BurkeSkills Centers Superintendent's Senior Secretary

VacantSpecial Projects Manager

VacantInstructional Development Manager
Regional Directors
Josh SteeleLexington, Taft-JDCC, Taft-EWCC, Mabel Bassett, DOC Operation

Kent RoofEnid, Ft. Supply, Granite, Mabel BassettSayre, Western Oklahoma Student Coordination, Youth Programs

Jeremie MooreMcLeod, Hamilton, Jackie Brannon, Industry Engagement
Student Services Personnel
VacantEmployment/Transition Coordinator

VacantStudent Services

Barrett RichardsonEmployment Coordinator

Gary FlynnEmployment/Transition Coordinator

Brandy BurnsEmployment/Transition Coordinator

Vernon ThompsonStudent Coordinator

VacantEmployment/Transition Coordinator

Lisa ZientekAssessment Specialist

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Last Modified on Nov 28, 2022