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OCAS Subject Codes

Scroll to find the title Documents then click subject codes

OCAS Code - Oklahoma Cost Accounting System: Codes defined by the State Department of Edu­cation that are used by schools to account for the expenditure of funds. These codes are also used to identify courses taken by students at the high school and technology center.

Correcting OCAS Codes by school administrators:

  1. Log in to single sign on
  2. Click on the accreditation tab
  3. Documents (on the left, under help with system)
  4. Click on Application Correction Coversheet (fillable pdf)
  5. Complete the form and fax to OSDE @ 405.522.1519
  6. SDE will open the application and the school will make the corrections and recertify the application

Capstone Courses

Oklahoma Career and Technology Education defines capstone as the final course within a CTE program of study which has a minimum course equivalency of 360 hours of instruction, including the capstone course. The project-based capstone prepares students for an industry credential and provides relevant technical skill training and mentorship or work experience.

OCAS Code Course Title


Aerospace Capstone


Biomedical Innovation


PLTW Capstone


STEM Capstone

Electronic Transcript Platform

The Oklahoma e-Transcript Initiative allows technology centers, school districts, colleges and universities to electronically exchange academic transcripts and data. Students will be able to include industry credentials, concurrent enrollment and certifications on their transcripts, which can be requested, verified and shared through one online platform.

More information about the e-transcript system is available on the Oklahoma Edge Website.

Oklahoma's Promise

Oklahoma State Graduation Requirements

Oklahoma Academic Standards

AP Course Information

Last Modified on Mar 26, 2024
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