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Partner Resources

Oklahoma Health Care Authority recognizes the multiple partners in many of the communities across the state. These partners are able to help Oklahomans with resource and accessible health services. This page serves as a resource of the SoonerCare program for those partners – helping them with Oklahomans that may qualify for SoonerCare services.    

If you are a community partner, please download the SoonerCare Renewals Stakeholder Toolkit to help us communicate to our members.

SoonerSelect - Information and resources for the SoonerSelect Program. View >>

Medicaid Expansion – Information on the SoonerCare adult expansion.
Application process begins June 1. More Information >>

Needed Information Before Applying - Members need to have certain information available to complete an application. See What is Needed >>

How to Apply – Information on how to apply for MySoonerCare. Get Information >>

Step-By-Step Guide - A step-by-step guide on how to use the online application. View Guide >>

MySoonerCare Portal – Here you can find the online application and member eligibility information. Visit Portal >>

Helpful How-To Videos - Video assistance on each section of the application. These are great for familiarizing staff with the online application in small bites. See Videos >>

Sources of ProofWhat types of documents can be submitted? See Some Examples >>

Income Fact Sheet (MAGI) - Document lists what income can be included, deducted or excluded when determining MAGI income.  View >> English | Spanish

Citizenship - Proof of Citizenship, Identity Requirements and FAQs. View >>

What Services Are Covered? – Comparison chart of SoonerCare benefits and co-pay amounts. See What is Covered >>

Programs- OHCA has a multitude of programs for Oklahomans. See Our Programs >>

Provider Directory – Directory of contracted SoonerCare providers. View the Directory >>

Additional Resources - Oklahoma Resources and Assistance Programs. Download >>


Agency Partners are granted access to our Agency View Application. The role of an Agency Partner is to interview the applicant and collect/submit the needed information to determine eligibility. Agency Partners are required to participate in audit processes and maintain records for seven years.

Community Partners are trained in our Home View Application. The role of our Community Partners is to guide the applicants through the application and upload process, assist them in setting up an account, and give the members all of the necessary information to access and update their own accounts.

Federally Qualified Health Centers, Tribal Facilities, and other state agencies may become an Agency Partner. These entities receive federal funds.

Anyone can become a Community Partner. Providers, hospitals and community based organizations are always a good fit.

Due to the increased permissions granted to our Agency Partners, OHCA requires that all Agency Partners have a federated system with Single Sign-on.

To become a Community Partner, all that’s needed is an internet connection and a device such as a tablet or computer.

Agency Partners will be granted access to our Agency View Application. Roles and permissions will be determined and granted by OHCA. Accessibility may include the ability to verify document requests, submit applications, and/or view applications.

Community Partners are not granted access to Agency View. Instead, OHCA trains the Community Partners in our Home View Application so that they can help members set up a personal account, enroll, and submit documentation.

Agency Partners go through a thorough training program that includes training on Agency View, income, verification requests, and the application. Ongoing training is also provided through the OHCA Outreach Team. Additional training may also be requested to meet the needs of your organization.

Community Partners receive training on navigating Home View. Additional training may also be requested.

All who are interested in becoming either an Agency or Community Partner a partner are encouraged to reach out to OHCA at:

Agency Partners:

Community Partners:

Last Modified on Mar 05, 2024