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Correlation Services Unit

The OSBI’s Correlation Project was implemented in 2019 specifically for the purpose of improving the accuracy, completeness and accessibility of non-Triple I criminal history records.

OSBI’s Correlation Services Unit Criminal History Research Specialists (CHRS) dedicate their time exclusively to this task. The primary goal is to significantly reduce the number of non-Triple I records in the federal data base through a correlation and automation process.

CSU employees perform necessary research and take possession of the records, automating them whenever possible.

Efforts are focused on identifying, flagging, and making immediately accessible to NICS the records of persons prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms due to domestic violence convictions and/or felony convictions.

Research is conducted whenever necessary to obtain missing final dispositions. Potential domestic abuse offenses are researched to determine the relationship between the victim(s) and the offender, in order to determine whether or not the criteria meets the federal definition of “domestic”. If all criteria is met, domestic abuse convictions, as well as felony convictions are entered into the NICS Index for instant access.

Improving Criminal History Records

The Correlation Project has been instrumental in the development of more complete records being readily available to NICS checks, as well as all other requestors of the records, including law enforcement, the public, and organizations for purposes of determining suitability for housing, fostering, adopting, employment, various licensing, etc.

As of March 31, 2024,  the OSBI’s Correlation Team had completed the review of over 46,736 records and of those reviewed, has taken control of more than 95%.  There were 66,080 offenses researched resulting in 47,509 dispositions being added to criminal history records. 

Last Modified on Apr 15, 2024
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