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Alaunna Raffield Fund

Alaunna Raffield Fund

Alaunna Raffield

To improve services to the citizens of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been tasked with the administration of the Alaunna Raffield Fund (HB 2851).  This fund was established by the legislature in 2023 and is dedicated to the memory of Alaunna Raffield.  The purpose of the fund is to assist our local law enforcement partners with the cost of attending training facilitated by the OSBI.  Scholarship opportunities are afforded each year to county and municipal law enforcement agencies to attend accredited training conducted by the OSBI.  The application is available by clicking the button below.  The application must be properly completed and a printed copy presented to the regional OSBI Captain.  The application must be received by the Captain eight (8) weeks prior to the training to which the applicant is applying.

Alaunna Raffield Fund Qualified Training

Last Modified on Jun 12, 2024
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