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Information Services Division

The Information Services Division is the central repository for all criminal records in Oklahoma and is responsible for collecting data ranging from statewide crime statistics to information for criminal history checks. The division is currently divided into four areas: the Criminal History Section, the Fingerprinting, Licensing and Communications Section, the Data Collection and Reporting Section, and the Information Technology Division

The Criminal History Section contains the Criminal History Management Unit (CHMU), the Correlation Services Unit (CSU), and the Disposition Services Unit (DSU).

The Data Collection and Reporting Section is comprised of the Criminal History Reporting Unit (CHRU), the Field Services Unit (FSU), the Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System (OKVDRS), the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC), and the Biometric Field Services Unit.

The Fingerprinting, Licensing and Communications Section contains the Identification Unit (ID), the Self-Defense Act Licensing Unit (SDA), and the Communications Unit (NCIC).

The Information Technology Division contains the Applications Development and Support Unit, the Server and Database Support Section, the Network and Security Section, and the Technical Support Section.

Last Modified on May 15, 2024