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Application Process

So what's the hold up?

On average, the OSBI receives almost 1,000 SDA Renewal applications per month. Additionally, about 2,200 New SDA applications are received monthly, totalling over 3,000 applications every month!

So the next time you are wondering why your renewal application is taking so long, you can rest easy knowing that OSBI took the time to ensure that each and every SDA license holder truly measured up to the eligibility requirements outlined in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

Download the Application Process (PDF)


Here are the steps the OSBI takes when your Self-Defense Act (SDA) renewal application is received.

Step 1 – OSBI receives your application, either a paper application or an online application.

Step 2 – Your application is reviewed. If it is too early (more than 90 days prior to expiration), OSBI sends it back to you.  If it is too late (over 3 years expired), OSBI sends it back to you because you will need to process through your sheriff’s office.

Step 3 – Your payment is received. Credit cards are processed, money orders or cashier checks are deposited, and online payments are verified.

Step 4 – OSBI updates your application in our SDA program. If something is missing, i.e. you missed a question(s) or your pictures are bad, OSBI will contact you.

Step 5 – A background check is completed.

  1. State & National - OSBI requests your state and national criminal history.
  2. Local - OSBI requests a local background check from your sheriff's office and police department.
  3. Mental Health - OSBI Requests a background check from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.
  4. Court Records - OSBI checks all state court records through the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) and On Demand Court Records (ODCR)

Step 6 – Responses are logged into our SDA program as they are received. If anything comes back on your background check, OSBI takes a closer look.

Step 7 – OSBI approves or denies your application based on the information received in accordance with the statutory requirements in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

Step 8 – OSBI prints and mails licenses and letters to approved applicants and letters of explanation to those who are denied.

Last Modified on Apr 15, 2024
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