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Instructions for Sheriffs

Step 1

Verify the Applicant.

Make sure the applicant in front of you is the same as the photo on their current valid driver license or state-issued identification card* and the photo submitted on their application or online summary sheet.** Sheriff’s Office may collect $10 for taking photos.

*Applicants whose license or I.D. is outside of Oklahoma should include military orders.

**If the applicant applied online, he or she will have a summary sheet. If the applicant did not upload a photo through the online process, or if the photo did not print clearly on the summary sheet, the applicant must include a color passport-style photo so that you can make a positive identification. Photos printed on the summary sheet need not be in color.

Step 2

Verify the Applicant’s Personal Data.

Information found on the application or summary sheet must match the applicant’s current valid driver license or identification card. This information should be used to complete or verify the data on the top of the fingerprint cards.

Step 3


Take two (2) complete sets of fingerprints of the applicant. Sheriffs’ offices are entitled to collect $25 for the taking of fingerprints.

Step 4

Check that applicant submitted additional required items.

Check for the following:

First-time initial applicants only -- Original signed training or exemption certificate indicating firearm authorized for carry

Instructors Only -- Copy of the current CLEET SDA instructor certificate

Processing Fee

Applicants can pay online with a credit card or by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or with a cashier’s check or money order. Credit card payments and electronic funds transfers are only available to applicants who apply online.

If the applicant paid online, the summary sheet will indicate “PAID ONLINE” in the upper right corner, otherwise, the applicant will need to include a cashier's check or money order.

On the summary sheet, mandatory items are Bold. Failure to include bolded, checked items will result in the return of the application to the sheriff’s office. Additional checked items may be needed to process the application, but the applicant can submit those at a later date.

Step 5

Sign and accept the application from the applicant.

  • Sign and witness the signature of the applicant in the gray box on the bottom of the summary sheet or on page 4 of the application.
  • For those submitting the 4-page application, verify the applicant has signed on the bottom of page 3.

Step 6

Complete a background check using the Local Agency Check Form for Sheriffs.

  • Document any arrests, protective orders, warrants or incident reports indicating mental instability.
  • Coordinate with the county’s district attorney office and court clerk.
  • Contact the police department and municipal court in the city of residence (if one exists).

Step 7

Submit the completed application packet with all required documents and forms to OSBI within 14 days.

Send to:
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Self-Defense Act Licensing Unit

6600 North Harvey Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Business reply envelopes, applications and fingerprint cards can be requested at or by leaving a message at (405) 879-2690 (select prompt 1, then prompt 2). Please indicate county and address, and number of items of each needed.

Last Modified on Apr 12, 2024
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