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OSBI Centennial

OSBI Centennial

Protecting Oklahoma One Partnership at a Time for 100 Years
1925 - 2025

The OSBI has been providing the state’s premier investigative, intelligence, information, and forensic services to the citizens and law enforcement of Oklahoma since 1925. 

In the early 1920s, Oklahoma faced gangs of outlaws that were terrorizing citizens. Then Governor M.E. Trapp, (1923 – 1927), recommended the creation of a special investigator agency to combat these outlaws. Thus, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was established in 1925.  The establishment of the OSBI reduced bank robberies by 75%.  In 1939, it became a division of the Department of Public Safety and was renamed the State Crime Bureau. In 1957, it was placed under the Governor's Office and renamed the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). The agency was removed from Governor David Hall's control in 1976 to reduce political pressures. At that time a seven-member independent commission was created to oversee the activities of the OSBI. 

A unique aspect of the OSBI is that we have limited jurisdiction. This keeps the OSBI from launching its own investigation without a lawful request.  With a few exceptions in which the OSBI does have original jurisdiction, the majority of investigations are initiated at the request of another law enforcement or governmental entity. Currently, under Oklahoma law, only the following entities can request the OSBI's assistance: the Director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs; the Chief Medical Examiner; all law enforcement officers including Police Chiefs and Sheriffs; District Attorneys; the Attorney General; the Governor; the Council on Judicial Complaints; the Director of the Department of Human Services; District Court Judges; and legislative committees with subpoena power. The OSBI has original jurisdiction in the following areas: vehicle theft, oil field theft, threats against public officials, violations of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, and violent crimes committed on the state's turnpikes. Recent changes to the OSBI's statutory jurisdiction have added the authority to investigate and detect criminal activity involving files, records, assets, properties, buildings or employees of the OSBI, and to investigate and enforce any violations surrounding the licensing and implementation of medical marijuana including medical marijuana business licenses held by commercial growers, processors, transporters, researchers, education facilities, and waste disposal facilities.

Celebration Plans Underway

In preparation for the 100th Anniversary (March 28, 2025), OSBI Director Aungela Spurlock commissioned a Centennial Committee tasked with the goal of planning a gala to celebrate the OSBI’s milestone that was 100 years in the making.  The centennial committee, comprised of sixteen employee representatives from various divisions and units, is determined to make this anniversary one for the books.  As plans are being made, it is clear that the committee representatives are a diverse and talented group, with each member bringing their own unique perspective to the table.  With their combined talents and dedication, it is assured that they will be able to pull off a gala that will showcase the last 100 years as well as making the next 100 years just as memorable.

Commemorative Items Available

To help celebrate 100 years of Excellence, the OSBI Centennial Committee has designed several limited-edition items to commemorate this auspicious milestone.  Click here to check out items!

There are also Themed Baskets that are being raffled off!  Click here to see what's in them!  Tickets for the public can be purchased at either Headquarters, the Forensic Science Center, or any regional office.

Last Modified on Jun 06, 2024
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