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Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathology services, including genetic testing, are rapidly becoming the standard of care in diagnostic medicine and other related areas. OHCA is committed to ongoing evaluation of the clinical evidence supporting the use of these services to ensure that medically necessary tests and technologies are available to our members.

Molecular Pathology Testing Coverage and Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions


Prior Authorization

Provider Letters and Messages

  • 6/26/2018: Prior Authorization for Gene Expression Profiling CPT Code
  • 3/22/2018: Prior Authorization for Microarray Effective 5/1/2018
  • 9/18/2017: Prior Authorization for Cystic Fibrosis Common Mutation Testing
  • 7/31/2017: Molecular Pathology Prior Authorization - Effective September 1, 2017
  • 7/28/2016: Prior Authorization of Hereditary Cancer Susceptibility Testing
  • 1/6/2016: Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for High-Risk Pregnant Women 
  • 12/1/2015: Prior Authorization of 2016 Molecular Pathology Codes
  • 9/30/2015: Prior Authorization of Molecular Pathology Codes: HLA Typing
  • 5/29/2014: Prior Authorization of Molecular Pathology Codes
  • 8/8/2013: Coverage of Carrier Screening
  • 7/8/2013:  Amendments to Genetic Testing and Counseling Policy
  • 4/8/2013:  Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing aka Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPD)
  • 1/14/2013:  Billing for Molecular Pathology Codes
  • 2/7/2013:  Infectious Agent Detection by Nucleic Acid
  • 12/27/2012:  Molecular Pathology CPT Coding Changes and Prior Authorization



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Last Modified on May 01, 2023