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Each month, the employer must send a copy of their most recent health plan invoice to Insure Oklahoma in order to receive the subsidy. The employer will collect the subsidy on behalf of eligible employees, put it together with the employee and employer share, and pay the insurance company. In addition, the employer is responsible for keeping Insure Oklahoma updated regarding changes in health plan rates, staff hires and terminations, employer contact information and banking information.

The annual renewal with Insure Oklahoma can be a different date than the renewal with the insurance carrier. If this is the case, rate changes and health plan changes made at the time of the carrier renewal must be submitted to Insure Oklahoma. The annual renewal with Insure Oklahoma is automatic for the employer if all updates have been kept current and account is up to date with correct rates, staff members and contacts.

Employers should use the Employer Portal to keep Insure Oklahoma updated regarding: staff hires and terminations, employer contact information and banking information. Employers also should notify Insure Oklahoma of any health plan rate changes.

If an employee does not qualify for Insure Oklahoma subsidy at time of enrollment but their household circumstances change throughout the year, they can apply at that time for the remainder of the annual enrollment period.

All new hires and terminations should be reported through the Employer Portal.

Your business may be disqualified or terminated from the program if it no longer meets Employer-Sponsored Insurance qualifications.

Last Modified on Nov 02, 2021
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