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Incentive Funds

Incentive money (412) is what the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Division of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education provides for your program to enhance your program.  Currently, the amount is $9500 (subject to change) per year for full-time funded programs.

This money is for you and your program only. It cannot be shared with other teachers or programs. 

A 412 Expense Report (e.g. Expenditure Analysis) that includes project 412 and STEM program 315 codes, must be submitted to our office September 1st that identifies how the incentive funds were spent the previous school year. 412 Funds are paid quarterly to school in September, December, March and May.

An additional $2,200 (411) is provided to the instructor for salary supplement for full-time funded programs (CT  Extra Duties) 411 Funds are paid to school in December & May.

Items that can be purchased with Incentive Money

Funds can be used for equipment/technology, curriculum, resources, and professional development.  All must be used/placed in the program being funded.  Following are some examples of items that can be purchased:

  • Computers for students or instructor
  • TSA Official Dress
  • Printers, Projectors, Smartboards, GPS devices, Graphics tablets            
  • iPads and tablets
  • Other computer technology devices
  • Student Certifications            
  • Software
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development for the instructor (includes registration, travel, hotel, sub pay, and meals)
  • Supplies for your program (ink, paper, etc.)
  • Websites used in the classroom (, SimpleK12, etc.)
  • Registration and travel for you to TSA conferences (does NOT include students)
  • TSA Affiliation Fee (Blue CAP only)
  • TSA competitive event clothing (must stay in the teacher's classroom)

Items that can NOT be purchased with Incentive Money:

  • Desks/Chairs (furniture)
  • Computers and software for other teachers or classrooms
  • Purchases for another CareerTech program (e.g. FACS, Ag)
  • Purchases for common use (e.g. Large monitor/screen for commons area)
  • Student TSA registration or travel to activities/events (including fuel)
  • Fundraising supplies for TSA
  • Printers or other equipment for everyone to use (needs to be for your classroom use only)
  • Supplies for other teachers or programs
  • Extra CareerTech pay
  • Normal classroom expenditures (utilities, fixtures, repairs, carpeting, etc.)

Replacing equipment:

If you are replacing equipment (e.g. computers), follow your school policy on disposing of equipment.  Your school may give it to other teachers or classrooms (help other CareerTech programs if possible). 


  • Visit with your principal/financial secretary to find out what the process is to request things. Make sure you find out the final date for submitting P.O.'s – many schools have a spring deadline for submission.
  • Develop a three to five-year strategic plan for your program to outline how funding will be spent. 
  • If your school is not allowing you to access program funds, we can provide guidance for your administration.

CareerTech Division Codes:

  • 311 AG
  • 316 BITE
  • 314 FACS
  • 313 Health
  • 312 Marketing
  • 315 STEM
  • 318 T&I
Last Modified on Aug 14, 2023