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Free resources for teachers and trainers

All posters are 18"X24" unless otherwise indicated. To print on smaller paper, choose the "fit" option from your print menu.

  • Keys to Employability - List of skills and behaviors you need to succeed on the job; four different styles.
  • Prevent Resident Abuse and Neglect - Examples of abuse and neglect; for long-term care providers and those who train caregivers.
  • Fifty Ways to Lead - A free version of our popular poster, this lists 50 everyday actions that set an example.
  • Language Arts - Explain adjectives, adverbs, linking sentences in a paragraph, common root words, plot outline, and singular/plural subject/verb agreement.
  • Writing Transitions - A handy list of transition phrases to use when writing.
  • Build a Bridge - Encourage students to overcome obstacles. Two different versions are available: maze poster and dog poster.
  • Top Ten Mistakes Made on Resumes - Mistakes commonly made on resumes from recent college graduates.
Last Modified on Oct 19, 2022