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General References

  • Oklahoma's 2017 Critical Occupations - These occupations represent the most pressing needs in each of Oklahoma’s Driver and Complementary Economic Systems necessary for the state’s continued growth and economic prosperity.
  • 2020 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories - The Small Business Profiles gather the latest federal data into state-by-state snapshots of small business health and economic activity. They answer the questions: How many small businesses are in my state? How many jobs do they create? Which industries have the most small businesses and small business jobs? How many establishments opened and closed? How many small businesses export, and how much? Which counties have the most small business employment?
  • U.S. Census: Business Dynamics Statistics - The BDS is a public use data set of annual aggregate statistics describing establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, industrial sector, and state.
Last Modified on Oct 23, 2023
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