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Telehealth is the use of interactive audio, video or other electronic media for the purpose of diagnosis, consultation or treatment that occurs in real time and when the member is actively participating during the transmission. Telehealth service is not an expansion of SoonerCare but a different way to offer quality health care access to SoonerCare members.

To participate, a provider must:

  • Be contracted with SoonerCare and appropriately licensed,
  • Bill for services using the appropriate modfier (GT, FQ, or 93), and
  • Maintain documentation of services, to include: service rendered, location at which service was rendered, and that service was provided via telehealth. (Documentation of services must follow all other SoonerCare documentation guidelines as well.)

Additionally, out-of-state providers must comply with all laws and regulations of the provider’s location, including health care and telehealth requirements.

To participate, a member:

  • May receive telehealth services outside of Oklahoma when medically necessary;
  • Retains right to withdraw from telehealth services at any time; and
  • Should be aware that all telehealth activities must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule, OHCA policy and all other applicable state and federal laws and regulations.   

Also, if member is a minor child, a parent or legal guardian must present the child for services unless exempted by state or federal law. The parent or guardian need not attend the session unless attendance is therapeutically appropriate.

Telehealth tools and resources:


Last Modified on Jul 18, 2023