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OHCA submitsSPA to increase the eligibility of the SoonerCare population

Friday, March 06, 2020

Press Release

March 6, 2020
For Immediate Release 

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Katelynn Burns, Sr. Public Information Representative
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Jonathan Cannon, Sr. Director of Communications
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OHCA submits state plan amendment to increase the eligibility of the SoonerCare population

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has submitted a state plan amendment to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to increase eligibility of the SoonerCare population. SoonerCare is Oklahoma’s Medicaid program. This plan would add the new adult group ages 19-64 with incomes at or below 133% of the federal poverty level, which is $34,846 for a family of four. The request will increase the number of adult Oklahomans who qualify for SoonerCare benefits.  

“This is an important first step to ensuring we can implement SoonerCare 2.0 and get more of Oklahomans’ federal tax dollars back into our system,” said Gov. J. Kevin Stitt. “Oklahoma is well positioned to be the first state in the nation to receive the Trump Administration’s waiver to achieve unprecedented flexibility and accountability in delivering Medicaid to our citizens, and I look forward to working with his administration in order to provide Oklahomans with a quality health care plan.”

“Our vision at OHCA is for Oklahomans to be healthy and have access to quality health care services. This state plan amendment supports that vision,” OHCA CEO Kevin Corbett said. “We are excited to work with CMS and the governor’s office to increase the number of Oklahomans we serve.”

The SPA was presented at a tribal consultation meeting on Feb. 21, 2020, and was posted for public comment. The requested effective date is July 1, 2020, contingent upon CMS approval. The SPA can be viewed here:   

This submission is an initial step in implementing the SoonerCare 2.0 plan. SoonerCare 2.0 is Gov. J. Kevin Stitt’s health plan proposal, which will extend health coverage to qualifying adults through CMS’ Healthy Adult Opportunity demonstration waiver.


About the Oklahoma Health Care Authority

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority administers two health programs for the state. The first is SoonerCare, Oklahoma’s Medicaid program. SoonerCare works to improve the health of qualified Oklahomans by ensuring that medically necessary benefits and services are available. Qualifying Oklahomans include certain low-income children, seniors, the disabled, those being treated for breast or cervical cancer and those seeking family planning services. The second program OHCA operates is Insure Oklahoma, which assists qualifying adults and small business employees in obtaining health care coverage for themselves and their families. Currently, there are 800,026 Oklahomans enrolled in OHCA’s programs. The agency contracts with a network of approximately 60,000 providers. For more information, visit or

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