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Salary and Scheduling Report

Salary and scheduling report gives CareerTech your courses, estimated enrollment and schedule for the year.  It also gives CareerTech a record of your salary and teaching certificate.  CTIMS is the reporting site for salary and scheduling.

FAQ's Accessing CTIMS

Q:  What is my CTIMS Username?
A:  Your School Email Address

Q: What is my CTIMS Password?
A:  The password is the same password you created for your Salary and Scheduling Report

Q: What if I forgot my CTIMS password?
A: Click the "Forgot your password?" link on the CTIMS log in screen.  You have 5 attempt before you are locked out. 

Q:  What if I am locked out of my CTIMS Account?
A:  Contact or405.743.5134

What will I Need?

  1. Report all hours including: lunch, plan, advisory, related others, etc.
  2. Teaching Certificate Number (See image below)
  3. Contact HR/Finance at your school
    1. Annual Salary
    2. Health Insurance
    3. Retirement
    4. Other Salary   
  4. Teacher contract start and end dates
  5. School start and end dates (with students)
  6. Student course enrollment - student grade level and gender
  7. CareerTech Course Titles (See Course Description Guide)
  8. Schools may use different course titles CTIMS requires official titles
    Start and Stop Time of each period of your day

Salary & Scheduling Report

Last Modified on Sep 19, 2023