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Population Care Management (PCM) Programs and Services

Obstetrical Care Management

At-Risk Obstetrical Care Management

  • Members access this program by responding to pregnancy outreach letters and receiving subsequent positive screening by the SoonerCare Member Services department.
    • Effective 10/4/2019, women in Tulsa County will receive an alternative outreach letter directing them to the ConnectFirst program.
  • A nurse care manager then completes a health assessment on the member, links the member to resources, and conducts routine follow-ups with the member throughout the pregnancy.
  • Member receives assistance in accessing various resources and services for the newborn.

High-Risk Obstetrical Care Management (HROB)

  • Provider initiates High-Risk OB program through the medical prior authorization process. Learn More Here
  • Once approved, member receives enhances HROB benefit package and nurse care management follow-up throughout the pregnancy.
  • Member receives assistance in accessing various resources and services for the newborn.

Other Obstetrical Care Management

  • Members are also identified for OB Care Management if they are prescribed certain medications for a history of pre-term labor.
  • Members and Providers can request OB Care Management directly by contacting the Population Care Management Department.


Pediatric Care Management

Infant Mortality Reduction Care Management

  • All newborns born to mothers in designated counties with the highest infant mortality rates are enrolled in this program. Parents are contacted by a Social Services Coordinator (SSC) who will assess for necessary social needs such as housing, food, utilities, transportation and safety. The SSC will help with resources to meet those identified needs.
  • The SSC also screens the mother for post-partum depression and screens the child for chronic conditions.
  • Subsequent referrals may be made for Nurse Care Management support or for Behavioral Health services if needs are identified.

Private Duty Nursing Care Management

  • Providers access program through medical prior authorization process or inquiry into private duty nursing (PDN) services.
  • Nurse Care Manager does face-to-face assessment that is utilized by a physician in the Medical Professional Services Unit to determine qualification for PDN services.
  • Nurse Care Manager provides periodic reassessments (telephonic and face-to-face) for Private Duty Nursing services, as well as Care Management support.


Other Care Management Services

  • This program provides SoonerCare benefits to qualifying women in need of treatment (including diagnostic services) for breast and/or cervical cancer. This program is a partnership between OHCA, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Cherokee National and Kaw Nation. Specific medical and financial criteria must be met to qualify.
  • Application for the program is initiated by a certified screener. To find a screener:
    • Oklahoma State Department of Health: 866-550-5585
    • Cherokee Nation - 800-256-0671 Ext. 5442 or 918-453-5442
    • Kaw Nation - 580-362-1039 Ext. 229
  • Care Managers in Population Care Management participate in the clinical review of applications and provide care management services to women through their enrollment in the program.

Distant Care Coordination

  • Nurse Care Managers provide care coordination to members in need of services that are a significant distance from their home, generally 100 miles or more, and/or out of state.
  • These services often involve coordination of the authorization to receive care, transportation assistance, and meals/lodging assistance.

Long-Term Care Review

  • Nurse Care Managers participate in the clinical review process for members seeking Long-Term Care Services through:
    • Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
    • Medically Fragile Waiver Program

Social Services Coordination

  • Social Coordinators assist with community-based service referrals such as support groups, food banks and utility assistance.
  • Social Service Coordinators review and coordinate requests related to meals and lodging for the distant care services described above.

ER Utilization Case Management

  • Care managers work with primary care providers and members to coordinate and overcome barriers that may lead to misuse or overuse of ER services.

Complex Care Management

  • Care management is available for members with complex care coordination needs. Care managers work with primary care providers and members to coordinate services and follow-up support.


More information about the above services can be obtained by calling Population Care Management, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 877-252-6002.

Last Modified on Feb 01, 2023