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OHCA Policies and Rules

317:30-5-1101. I/T/U Shared Savings Program

[Revised 09-12-22]

(a) Description. In accordance with state and federal law, the I/T/U Shared Savings Program is a program that direct the reinvestment of any savings to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) generated by enhanced federal matching authorized under Section 1905(b) of the Social Security Act at a rate of one hundred percent (100%) for covered services received through participating Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Indian (I/T/U) facilities.

(1) Eligibility. Authorized services provided by a non-I/T/U Medicaid provider to an American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) Medicaid member as a result of a referral from an I/T/U facility provider may be eligible for the enhanced federal matching rate of one hundred percent (100%).

(2) Distribution criteria. OHCA will distribute up to fifty percent (50%) of any savings that result from the I/T/U Shared Savings Program to the referring I/T/U, but only after administrative costs incurred by OHCA in implementing the program have been fully satisfied. Distributions issued will ensure the following:

(A) Distributions to participating I/T/U facilities will be used to increase care coordination and to support health care initiatives for AI/AN populations;

(B) OHCA will deposit any shared savings that remain after administrative costs have been fully paid, and after distributions have been made to participating I/T/U facilities, into the I/T/U Shared Savings Revolving Fund for the purpose of increasing Medicaid provider rates;

(C) Monies in the fund will not be used to replace other general revenues appropriated and funded by the Oklahoma Legislature or other revenues used to support Medicaid; or

(D) OHCA will make distributions on a quarterly basis to participating I/T/U facilities based on claims data. The calculation will include the paid claims from the non-I/T/U provider that a member was referred to by an I/T/U. The referring ITU provider will need to be listed on the claim, and there must be an active Care Coordination Agreement (CCA) on file with OHCA. A CCA must be executed between the I/T/U facility and the non-I/T/U provider. A CCA must include, but not limited to the following:

(i) The I/T/U facility provider providing a request for specific services by electronic or other verifiable means and relevant information about the practitioner's member to the non-I/T/U provider;

(ii) The non-I/T/U provider sending information about the care the non-I/T/U provider provides to the patient including the results of any screening, diagnostic or treatment procedures, to the I/T/U facility provider;

(iii) The I/T/U facility provider continuing to assume responsibility for the member's care by assessing the information and taking appropriate action including, when necessary, furnishing or requesting additional services; and

(iv) The I/T/U facility incorporating the member's information in the medical record through the statewide health information exchange or other agreed-upon means.

(b) I/T/U Shared Savings Revolving Fund. A revolving fund for OHCA will be designated as the "I/T/U Shared Savings Revolving Fund". All monies accruing to the credit of the fund will be budgeted and expended by OHCA and will consist of:

(1) All monies received by OHCA as pursuant to Title 63 Section 5061.2 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and as otherwise specified or authorized by other state and federal laws;

(2) All monies accruing to the credit of the fund are appropriated and will be budgeted and expended by OHCA to increase Medicaid provider rates, unless otherwise provided by state and federal law; and

(3) Expenditures from the fund will be made upon warrants issued by the State Treasurer against claims filed as prescribed by law with the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) for approval and payment.

(c) Report Criteria. An annual report will be prepared by the OHCA's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and will be submitted to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives no later than thirty (30) days following the end of each state fiscal year. The annual report will account for:

(1) The savings realized by the OHCA as a result of the I/T/U Shared Savings Program;

(2) The administrative costs incurred by the OHCA as a result of the I/T/U Shared Savings Program;

(3) The monies distributed to participating I/T/U facilities as a result of I/T/U Shared Savings Program including, but not limited to, a summary of all specific distributions;

(4) The balance of savings realized by the OHCA as a result of the I/T/U Shared Savings Program and accruing to the credit of the fund after payment of administrative costs and distributions to participating I/T/U facilities and

(5) The monies expended on increasing Medicaid provider rates including, but not limited to, identification of the types of providers affected and the percentage by which the providers' rates were increased.

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