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OHCA Policies and Rules

317:30-5-537. Description of services

[Revised 07-25-08]

Homemaker services include:

(1) Minimum qualifications. Providers must complete the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) sanctioned training curriculum in accordance with the schedule authorized by DDSD per OAC 340:100-3-38.

(2) Description of services.

(A) Homemaker services include general household activities, such as meal preparation and routine household care provided by a homemaker who is trained, when the regular caregiver responsible for these activities is temporarily absent or unable to manage the home and care for others in the home. Homemakers can help members with activities of daily living when needed.

(B) Homemaker respite services may include respite services provided to members on a short-term basis due to the need for relief of the caregiver. Services may be provided in any community setting as specified per the member's Individual Plan (IP).

(3) Coverage limitations. Limits are specified in member's IP. Members who are in the custody of OKDHS and in out-of-home placement funded by OKDHS Children and Family Services Division are not eligible for respite care.

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