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APA WF # 22-09 Termination of SoonerPlan Family Planning Program

The proposed revisions will remove policy sections specific to the SoonerPlan family planning program. The SoonerPlan program will terminate effective one day after the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ends, as adults served by SoonerPlan are eligible for comprehensive SoonerCare services under the adult expansion eligibility group provided all eligibility factors are met.

Please view the circulation document here: APA WF # 22-09 and submit feedback via the comment box below.

Circulation Date: 05/03/2022

Comment Due Date: 05/18/2022

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Meeting: 05/12/2022

Board Meeting: 06/22/2022


Steven Goldman:

There are still 9,200 members on SoonerPlan, according to OHCA Fast Facts. Has it been checked that none of them rely on SoonerPlan and that none of them are eligible for Expansion Adult or other plans?.....This announcement says SoonerPlan ends "one day after" PHE ends--does that mean July 16-17 or July 31-Aug 1? (assuming the mid-July PHE end date)?  Thank you.

Last Modified on May 23, 2022