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SoonerSelect Dental Enrollment Opens on Dec. 1 with Choice Counseling Available

Thursday, November 30, 2023

SoonerSelect Dental Enrollment Opens on Dec. 1 with Choice Counseling Available

Oklahoma City, OK – SoonerCare members transitioning to SoonerSelect, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority's newly reformed health care delivery system, can select their preferred dental plan starting December. 1. Benefit guides and choice counseling are available to help affected members select the best plan to fit their needs.  

“We are thrilled to begin the rollout of these dental plans to SoonerCare members and unveil the numerous benefits they can access,” said Ellen Buettner, Chief Executive Officer of OHCA. “OHCA is fully committed to facilitating a seamless transition for Oklahomans by empowering members to select a plan tailored to meet their health goals.”  

More than 850,000 members transitioning to SoonerSelect received a letter, providing instructions on how to access the plans, compare benefits and make their selections. Members must select a dental plan by January 10, 2024; otherwise, OHCA will enroll them in a plan on their behalf.  Members can change their plan until May 1, 2024. 

OHCA provides choice counseling for SoonerSelect members, where counselors guide members through plan options, highlighting differences and benefits so members can pick the plan that best fits their needs. Federal regulations restrict partners and advocates from actively assisting in plan selection or enrollment. 

OHCA has contracted with two Dental Benefit Plans (DBP) to administer the dental component of SoonerSelect: DentaQuest and LIBERTY Dental. 

These DBPs are dedicated to implementing comprehensive care coordination strategies designed to achieve several crucial objectives: 

  • Encouraging preventive care. 
  • Reducing the need for high-cost restorative procedures. 
  • Expanding the provider and specialist networks. 

All dental plans cover cleanings, preventive and restorative care for members, and will provide medically necessary orthodontic services for children under 21. All dental plans will provide SoonerSelect members with the same services currently offered by SoonerCare, as well as extra, value-added benefits to improve the health of SoonerSelect members. There are no changes to current eligibility requirements.  

SoonerSelect allows OHCA to incentivize health outcomes while maintaining oversight and authority over Oklahoma's Medicaid program and the program funding. OHCA remains committed to enhancing the health and well-being of SoonerCare members and will maintain rigorous accountability measures to hold SoonerSelect partners to the highest standards. 

“With SoonerSelect, Oklahoma prioritizes preventive care and health outcomes of SoonerCare members,” Buettner said. “This innovative approach not only boosts the effectiveness of SoonerCare but also underscores our dedication to achieving better health outcomes." 

The implementation date for SoonerSelect dental plans is scheduled for February 1, 2024, marking the beginning of enhanced coverage options for SoonerCare members.  

Members can log into to make their plan selection. For further information and updates, please visit


Emily Long
Public Information Officer

Last Modified on Nov 30, 2023