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Free resources for teachers and trainers

  • 60 Formative Assessment Strategies - Assessment and instruction go hand in hand in a classroom that focuses on the student. Teachers need to use a variety of different strategies to assess student readiness for a particular unit of study and to plan their instruction around the needs the students demonstrate. Ongoing assessment of student learning is an important part of the planning process. There are three main types of assessment: pre-assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment. This booklet focuses on strategies that teachers can use to formatively assess their students. Download 60 Formative Assessment Strategies
  • Creating Presentations - This unit of instruction covers researching and preparing informative and persuasive presentations. Download Creating Presentations
  • Delivering Presentations - This unit of instruction provides guidelines for presenting speeches, tool-based presentations, and extemporaneous speaking; discusses the difference between paralanguage and body language; and gives techniques for question-and-answer sessions. Download Delivering Presentations
  • "Did You Know" Bell Ringer PowerPoints for FACS - What is "cheddaring?" Where does saffron come from? Who declared tomatoes a vegetable? These free PowerPoints are full of fun and interesting facts related to Family and Consumer Sciences courses. The shows are set to run automatically and loop continuously.
          Download "Did You Know" for FACS, #1
          Download "Did You Know" for FACS, #2
Last Modified on Oct 19, 2022