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Soon-to-be-Sooners Services

Mission Statement: To support healthy outcomes for unborn children.

Soon-to-be-Sooners (STBS) services are provided to qualified unborn children to support healthy pregnancy and birth. Citizenship or immigration status requirements that ordinarily apply to all members do not apply to the pregnant mother who applies for STBS services on behalf of her unborn child. 

Unborn Children and Pregnant Mothers

In STBS, the unborn child is the member, which means a healthy birth will result in immediate enrollment of the baby into SoonerCare. The pregnant mother applies for the program and receives services that benefit the unborn child. STBS covers healthcare services for physical, mental and behavioral conditions that affect and/or are needed for the unborn child.

STBS services may include:

  • Routine office visits that benefit the unborn child

  • Medications that benefit the unborn child 

  • Ultrasounds that benefit the unborn child

  • Lab services that benefit the unborn child 

  • Some specialty services when those services benefit the unborn child

  • Hospital services that benefit the unborn child 

  • Mental health services that benefit the unborn child

  • Substance use disorder services that benefit the unborn child 

  • Services associated with miscarriage or a non-viable pregnancy, such as a molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or fetal death in utero.

Miscarriages and non-viable pregnancies do sometimes occur. In these difficult circumstances, STBS covers services that may be necessary for the compassionate or palliative care of the unborn child, as well as those services necessary to support and resolve all outcomes of pregnancy. 


  • The unborn child’s pregnant mother:
  • Must be an Oklahoma resident 

  • Must meet financial standards

  • Must provide proof of pregnancy 

You may apply in person at your local OKDHS county office. The OKDHS workers will assist you in applying for SoonerCare benefits.

After Applying

  • The unborn child’s pregnant mother will receive an approval or denial letter letting her know whether her unborn child will receive STBS services, if she needs to turn in more documentation, or if her application has been denied.

  • If approved, the unborn child’s pregnant mother should make an appointment to begin or continue services for the benefit of the unborn child.

The unborn child’s pregnant mother no longer needs to show an ID card for medical appointments. She will need to know the medical ID number to fill prescriptions. If she is asked to show an ID card, she can now print it from the member portal if she applied online.

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