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Call the helpline at 800-987-7767, option 5, and talk to choice counselors to change your SoonerSelect health plan!

Common Intake Form

  1. Please review the eligibility requirements (If eligible, proceed to #2)
  2. Please take the time to complete the form fully for consideration.
  3. You will need to have the participant’s SoonerCare ID and SSN
  4. If participant has a Court ordered Legal Guardian or a Court ordered Medical Decision Power of Attorney, please provide the name and contact information.
  5. Submit form using the send button or print off form and fax to 405-530-7265 for Living Choice and 405-530-7736 for Medically Fragile.
  6. All referral forms are subject to a background check with Adult Protective Services (APS) for further program consideration
  7. Allow 5-7 business days for follow-up

If you have questions or feedback, please call us at 888-287-2443 or send us an email to