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Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review

We are here to service SoonerCare nursing facilities across the state of Oklahoma. Our purpose is to assure that residents living in nursing facilities with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or related conditions are in the appropriate level of care and receiving the services to meet their needs.

PASRR Determinations

As part of the federally mandated Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review process, all SoonerCare certified nursing facilities must fill out the form LTC-300R for all applicants that apply to reside in the facility regardless of pay source. If any of the questions on the bottom portion of this form are answered “yes,” please contact the Level of Care Evaluation Unit staff at 405-522-7133 or 405-522-7674 prior to admission for a Level II consultation.

Level of Care Evaluation

The Level of Care Evaluation Unit (LOCEU) coordinates the Federal PASRR (Preadmission Screening and Resident Review) Program statewide. This program assures that all persons entering SoonerCare certified Nursing Facilities (NFs) are eligible for NF placement, and screens for Mental Illness, Intellectual Disabilities and/or a related condition. Should indications of MI, IID or related conditions be identified, additional assessments are ordered to assure that appropriate services and treatment can be provided.

The LTC-300R is the Level I screening form which helps to identify persons with possible mental illness or intellectual disabilities or related conditions who apply to reside in SoonerCare certified nursing facilities. Click here to view PASRR Level 1 (LTC300R) Changes.

Level II assessments are conducted when necessary to insure that a beneficiary requires nursing facility level of care and/or specialized services within the nursing facility.

LOCEU also makes level of care decisions on all members entering public and private intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as on members applying for any three DHS, Developmental Disabilities Services Division Home and Community-Based waivers.

LOCEU is responsible for determining whether applicants are qualified for the Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act. This is a SoonerCare program which allows services for children with disabilities who live at home regardless of parental income.

LOCEU also audits all of the Home and Community-Based Services waiver programs and provides medical and categorical relationship determinations for disability and incapacity of DHS beneficiaries.

For more information please contact your Psych/ID analysts:

Unit Phone 405-522-7597
Steve Wynn: 405-522-7133
Karen Navarro: 405-522-7674


Last Modified on Aug 03, 2021