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OHCA Care Management is dedicated to encouraging compliance and good health to our members with a diagnosis of hemophilia and their families. We are available to provide education and support with ongoing Care Management outreach.

Care Management Outreach Program:

  • Contact by Care Management nurse to every member with a diagnosis of hemophilia.
  • Provide ongoing education and support to our members and their families.
  • Encourage prompt treatment of bleeds.
  • Encourage completion and submission of bleed/treatment logs.
  • Available ongoing access to OHCA Care Management.

Resources and Other Links:

New Updates - Monthly Postings

  • Bleeding log reminders - Please submit to your provider monthly.
  • The Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation,, has an updated calendar with upcoming events.

Contact Information

  • Care Management toll free number 1-877-252-6002 SoonerCare Behavioral Health line 1-800-652-2010 
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