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Diplomas & Transcripts

Transcript/Certificate Verifications

Effective August 2022, all diploma/transcripts must be completed via Parchment.

Parchment is the credentialing services used to issue high school equivalency (HSE) credentials in the State of Oklahoma for both GED® or HiSET® tests. The documents that can be ordered through Parchment may include:

  • Transcripts - A report of your best scores and testing dates.
  • Diploma/Certificate - The document that certifies completion - you would normally see this framed and hung up in an office.
  • Verifications - An official letter verifying there is a passing testing record.

To request a copy of your traditional high school diploma or transcript, please contact the issuing school or district. 

Only the test taker can initiate a diploma/transcript search. Federal law prohibits ODCTE AEFL staff from discussing test taker information with 3rd party requestors. 

Requesting on the Behalf of a Test Taker

Higher Education Agencies and Employers

If you are considering hiring or enrolling persons who state that they passed an Oklahoma High School Equivalency (HSE) test and you want the best assurances that the documents they have are “official,” you should request that they provide an original HSE Transcript—not a copy. As with a high school or college transcript, this official transcript will show you whether they did indeed pass their HSE test. Certificates have, unfortunately, been forged; however, Oklahoma HSE Transcripts are designed with many security measures that ensure that they cannot be replicated.

A black-and-white or color copy of this document is not an original and should not be accepted as an official document. Alteration of an Oklahoma HSE Transcript may be a criminal offense.

Last Modified on Sep 30, 2022
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