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Diplomas & Transcripts

Transcript/Certificate Verifications

All diploma/transcripts must be completed via DiplomaSender.

To request an HSE document verification or replacement copy, please visit DiplomaSender. To request a copy of your traditional high school diploma or transcript, please contact the authorizing school or district. 

Only the test taker can initiate a diploma/transcript search. Federal law prohibits ODCTE AEFL staff from discussing test taker information with 3rd party requestors.

How to Order

DiplomaSender services high school equivalency(HSE) testing data for the GED and HiSET tests. The documents that we may have for you to order are:

  • Transcript - A list of your best scores, testing dates and the overall status of your series (I.E Non-Pass, Pass, Incomplete).
  • Credential - The document that certifies completion - you would normally see this framed and hung up in an office.
  • Letter of Verification - An official letter verifying the testing record.

Our delivery methods include:

  • Email - Estimates a few minutes for delivery time.
  • USPS First Class - Estimates between 2-10 business days for delivery time.
  • USPS Priority Mail Express - Adds an additional charge to the cost of your documents and estimates a delivery time of overnight to 2 days, from the time the document/s is sent. Any Priority Mail order placed after 12:00 PM CST, will be sent out the following business day.

To order your documents, log in to your account and complete the steps by following the green buttons. Once you have verified your information, click on Place Order!

You can also contact us to order your documents over the phone or through live chat.

Requesting on the Behalf of a Test Taker

  • Third Party Organization (Non-Academic): To verify or request a credential, you may request transcript or letter of verification as an accredited third-party agency on DiplomaSender.
  • Academic Institution or School: We recommend having the prospective student send a copy of their HSE transcript directly to you via DiplomaSender.
  • On the Behalf of an Incarcerated Individual: As an individual's power of attorney, you may be able to request documentation on the behalf of someone else. On DiplomaSender, you can utilize the Contact Us button on the website to initiate your request.

Higher Education Agencies and Employers

If you are considering hiring or enrolling persons who state that they passed a Oklahoma High School Equivalency (HSE) test and you want the best assurances that the documents they have are “official,” you should request that they provide an original HSE Transcript—not a copy. As with a high school or college transcript, this official transcript will show you whether they did indeed pass their HSE test. Certificates have, unfortunately, been forged; however, Oklahoma HSE Transcripts are designed with many security measures that ensure that they cannot be replicated.

A black-and-white or color copy of this document is not an original and should not be accepted as an official document. Alteration of a Oklahoma HSE Transcript may be a criminal offense.

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2022
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