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What It Takes

Oklahoma CareerTech delivers education and training through a network of 394 PK-12 comprehensive school districts, 29 technology center districts, 14 skills centers sites (programs for offenders), 31 adult basic education providers and more than 7,000 businesses. The CareerTech System annually boasts more than 500,000 enrollments. Want to see how CareerTech delivers? Check out the videos below.

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To download one of these videos, click this Download Video link. You will then open the "CareerTech What It Takes" video library and browse to the video title you need to download.

What It Takes - CareerTech State Director Welcomes Students

Students in CareerTech programs earn credits toward high school graduation as well as the opportunity to prepare for industry recognized certifications and credentials and licenses.

What It Takes - CareerTech

What does it take to build a future, an economy, and opportunity? Oklahoma CareerTech is doing just that.

What It Takes - Dr. Mack: Partnering with Business and Industry

What does it take to build a future, an economy, and opportunity? Dr. Marcie Mack explains how Oklahoma CareerTech is building partnerships with businesses across the state to create and enhance opportunity.

What It Takes - Head Country

What does it take to power an economy? Oklahoma CareerTech has been doing just that with businesses like Head Country.

What It Takes - Head Country: Lean Manufacturing

CareerTech provides training for businesses on lean manufacturing practices that helps them be more efficient and reduce waste without sacrificing productivity.

What It Takes - Duncan Regional Hospital (short)

CareerTech partners with businesses to provide resources and training to produce skilled workers.

What It Takes - Duncan Regional Hospital

It takes partnerships to power our economy. Check out how Oklahoma CareerTech works with Duncan Regional Hospital to train the workers they need, from the area they serve.

What It Takes - ASIC Partners with CareerTech

What does it take to build Oklahoma's economy? See how Aircraft Structure International Corp (ASIC) has benefited from guiding the training of new aircraft mechanics in Enid.

Last Modified on May 06, 2022