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CareerTech Delivers

Oklahoma CareerTech delivers education and training through a network of 391 PK-12 comprehensive school districts, 29 technology center districts, 15 skills centers sites (programs for offenders), 32 adult education and family literacy providers and 6,671 businesses. The CareerTech System annually boasts nearly 447,000 enrollments. Want to see how CareerTech delivers? Check out the videos below.

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To download one of these videos, click this Download Video link. You will then open the "CareerTech Delivers" video library and browse to the video title you need to download.

Richard Boone - A Nontraditional Teacher

Students at Choctaw Middle School are learning essential life lessons in FACS, from an instructor who may not look like your typical FACS teacher! Blane Singletary brings us the story of Richard Boone, an airman turned teacher thanks to the Troops To Teachers program.

Student Engineers Solving Real-World Problems

Students at Northeast Tech in Pryor, Oklahoma saw an everyday problem at Hopkins Manufacturing, and came up with a solution that saved money and created a safer workplace. We take you inside Trishia Masterson's "Project: Lead The Way" pre-engineering/mathematics class.

Solving the National Court Reporter Shortage

With hundreds of court reporter vacancies around Oklahoma, and thousands around the country, the need is stronger than ever. See how Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee is training the next generation, and why this job is still essential in the judicial system.

Jennifer Monies: Most Critical Business Workforce Perspective

CareerTech helps Oklahoma businesses fill their workforce needs with certified skilled workers.

Jennifer Monies: Classrooms Emulate Workforce

CareerTech classrooms emulate workforce needs to build skilled workforces to close skills gap in our state.

Jennifer Monies: Future Planning

Oklahoma CareerTech focuses on building skills for the current workforce as well as for businesses being recruiting into the state.

Jennifer Monies: Basic Foundational Skill Sets

CareerTech builds students’ skill sets for future jobs through education now that will transfer into making them successful in the workplace.

Jennifer Monies: Future Learning

CareerTech’s OK Career Guide allows us to make connections with businesses throughout the state and help guide students in developing skills sets to meet workforce needs.

Jennifer Monies: Career Endorsements

Career endorsements connect students’ interests to career pathways that have options based on the level of education they want to achieve.

Jennifer Monies: Career Pathways and Business Connections

CareerTech connects students to business needs at an early age to help guide them in career paths they find interesting.

Tim Burg: Building a Relationship with Your Local Technology Center

Building relationships with local technology centers will assure businesses have the trained workforces they need.

Tim Burg: Skills Centers Training Meets Workforce Needs

CareerTech Skills Centers help inmates earn skills training certifications that will help them enter the workforce upon release and become productive citizens in their communities.

Tim Burg: Career Development Options

Career development options allow students to choose the career that is right for them.

Tim Burg: Wealth Generation Through Guidance Counseling

CareerTech’s guidance counseling aligns students’ interests with wealth-generating jobs that can provide them with a better quality of life.

Small Business Assistance in Southeastern Oklahoma

Kiamichi Technology Center is helping small business owners in Southeastern Oklahoma promote job growth and build the economy.

For Small Businesses and the Economy

CareerTech and OBAN partners with tribes to help small businesses, and in turn, the economy, to grow and flourish right here in Oklahoma. Hear one such story featuring the BCW Group, the Choctaw Nation, and Kiamichi Technical Center.

Georg Fischer Central Plastics: A Skilled and Competent Workforce

Georg Fischer Central Plastics partners with Oklahoma CareerTech and Gordon Cooper Technology Center to add skills and increase competency within its workforce.

Construction Industry is Dying for Females

Construction companies need women, not only to meet gender regulations on job sites, but also for their management expertise.

Adulting 101: How to Adult

Family and Consumer Sciences Education students learn life skills that we all need to know from nutrition, child development, communication to budgeting and so much more.

Aerospace Impact - Want One?

Oklahoma's Aerospace industry employs more than 200,000 Oklahomans, and the industry is growing. Oklahoma CareerTech offers training in a variety of aerospace careers.

Ultraviolet Light Eye Protection

Eye protection and safety tips for the welding classroom and the ultraviolet light found in the great outdoors.

What it Takes to Grow an Economy

It takes education, training and jobs to grow an economy.

DECA Diapers Meets Infants’ Needs

DECA students learn real-world life skills in a marketing promotion project that helps infants in need at the same time.

DECA: Real-world Skills (11 sec.)

Teaching real-world life skills outside the traditional classroom setting.

DECA: Real-world Skills (22 sec.)

Teaching real-world life skills outside the traditional classroom setting.

OBAN is in Your Corner

CareerTech’s Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network provides valuable resources to local businesses navigating the maze of government procurement.

Oklahoma FFA’s Patriotic Vision

Oklahoma’s FFA officer team execute the flag raising and lowering ceremonies on an elevated platform at Camp Tulakogee.

FFA Star Farmers: Agriculture Strong

As members of the Oklahoma FFA organization, Travis and Tyler Schnaithman gained valuable agricultural knowledge and skills that they apply each day on their family farm.

A Skilled Workforce Makes a Difference

CareerTech designs programs that align with industry needs to assure the availability of a highly skilled workforce.

Oklahoma Military Connection: Jobs for Veterans

The Oklahoma Military Connection program helps those who serve in the military find jobs as they transition back into civilian life.

Dropout Recovery: From Homeless to an Aviation Career

A helping hand turned Porsha Lippincott’s life around, and now she is enjoying a successful career in aviation.

TSA: Building Critical Thinking Skills

Using critical thinking skills, students apply math and science concepts to a problem in order to find a solution they can engineer and develop into a new technology.

FCCLA: Raising Awareness on Texting and Driving

FCCLA members organized the Oklahoma Challenge Project to raise awareness on the dangers of texting and driving.

SkillsUSA: Tomorrow’s Construction Workers

Students, teachers and industry work together to build a skilled workforce in the construction field.

HOSA: Science is Relevant to Life

Students in the HOSA organization learn valuable skills that help them be successful in health-related occupations.

BPA: Helping Students Become Business Leaders

The skillset Jason Burks gained as a member of Business Professionals of America helped him in his pursuit of a successful career.

FFA: Blue Coat to White Coat Program

Medical students say their involvement in the FFA organization helped prepare them for medical school.

Empowerment Through Skills Training

CareerTech skills centers provide offenders with occupational training that empowers them to find jobs after release and become productive citizens.

Pre-engineering Problem-based Learning

Pre-engineering students develop critical thinking skills through problem-based activities.

Hands-on Approach Using Math in Construction

Students learn the value of their math education during hands-on application in construction projects.

Industry-Driven Construction Training

Tech centers provide training on all aspects of residential construction by broadening the minds and developing the hands of students.

Construction Field Needs Craftsmen

The trades industries offer many rewarding careers in construction and design.

OBAN Helps Small Businesses Find Their Competitive Edge

OBAN helps small businesses to compete and succeed in the government contract arena.

Graphic Design Brings Life to Imagery

Students earn professional credentials in graphic design that will allow them to enter a career in advertising and design.

BioTech Lab Experience

Oklahoma tech centers provide learning labs that allow students to develop core competencies through hands-on skills training and experiences.

Last Modified on Sep 14, 2022