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Curriculum and Standards

Curriculum, Curriculum Crosswalks, Standards, Lesson Plans and Teacher Tool Kit


Curriculum Crosswalks


The AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards provide educators with a high-quality, rigorous set of standards to guide what students should know and be able to do after completing a program of study in each of the AFNR career pathways.

These standards are intended to help shape the design of all components of an agricultural education program including:

  • Classroom and laboratory instruction.
  • Experience through the State and National FFA Organization.
  • Work-based learning experiences such as Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Programs.

Specific State Ag Education Standards for selected courses:

Lesson Plans

Ag Explorer- This link provides a Career Finder, virtual field trips, and educator resources for career awareness.

Last Modified on Aug 10, 2023
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