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Correctional/Institutional Education

Funds under Correctional/Institutional Education may be used to support educational programs for transition to re-entry initiatives and other post-release services with the goal of reducing recidivism. Such use of funds may include educational counseling or casework to support incarcerated individuals' transition to re-entry and other post-release services.

Examples include assisting incarcerated individuals to develop plans for post-release education program participation, assisting students in identifying and applying for participation in post-release programs, and performing direct outreach to community-based program providers on behalf of re-entering students. Such funds may not be used for costs for participation in post-release programs or services. § 463.63

(a) Authorized under section 225 of the Act, programs for corrections education and the education of other institutionalized individuals require each eligible agency to carry out corrections education and education for other institutionalized individuals using funds provided under section 222 of the Act.

(b) The funds described in paragraph (a) of this section must be used for the cost of educational programs for criminal offenders in correctional institutions and other institutionalized individuals, including academic programs for—

(1) Adult education and literacy activities;

(2) Special education, as determined by the eligible agency;

(3) Secondary school credit;

(4) Integrated education and training;

(5) Career pathways;

(6) Concurrent enrollment;

(7) Peer tutoring; and

(8) Transition to re-entry initiatives and other post-release services with the goal of reducing recidivism.

This application is only for applicants interested in receiving Correctional/Institutional Education funding. Applicants interested in Integrated English Literacy & Civics Education or Adult Education and Family Literacy funding are not required to apply for Correctional/Institutional Education funding.


All grant-related questions and correspondence must be directed to the Oklahoma AEFL email: Answers to questions will be posted to the Q&A document

Last Modified on Dec 07, 2022